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Below is a list of select authors, the books they have written and where available YouTube interviews. This list is updated daily. Click thru the link and find out more about each author.

George Nader

Debby Maugans Nakos

Donna Jo Napoli

Lisa Napoli

Charlie Nardozzi

David Nasaw

Barbara Nascimbeni

Annette Natow

Leonora Nattrass

Michael Nava

Farran Smith Nehme

Michael S. Neiberg

Anne Nelson

Caleb Azumah Nelson

Maggie Nelson

Pablo Neruda

Edith Nesbit

Jo Nesbo

Ariana Neumann

Stuart Neville

T. J. Newman

Charles Newton

Viet Thanh Nguyen

David Nicholls

Fabian Nicieza

Janice P. Nimura

John Niven (Scottish author)

Larry Niven

Barbara Marion Nixon

Trevor Noah

Bill Noble

Shelley Noble

Annie England Noblin

Tara Nolan

Sven Nordqvist

Leslea Norman

Mary Norris

Larry North

Andre Norton

Graham Norton

Mary Beth Norton

Craig Nova

Peter Novick

Naomi Novik

Liz Nugent

Sigrid Nunez

Patrick O’Brian

Edna O’Brien

Mark O’Connell

Mary Flannery O’Connor

Svenja O’Donnell

Maggie O’Farrell

Mary O’Malley

Colm O’Regan

Joyce Carol Oates

Stephen B. Oates

Mark O’Connell

Scott O’Dell

Paraic O’Donnell

Neil G. Odenwald

Nuala O’Faolain

Paul O’Keeffe

Ed O’Loughlin

Fintan O’Toole

James Oakes

Barack Obama

Weston Ochse

Karen Odden

Jenny Offill

Chris Offutt

Scott Ogden

Rex Ogle

Ben Okri

Sharon Olds

Jonathan Oliver

Mary Oliver

Lance Olsen

Lynne Olson

Brigitta Olubas

Ijeoma Oluo

Sir David Bruce Omand

Riku Onda

Michael Ondaatje

Barbara O’Neil

Louise O’Neill

Adam O’Riordan

Toby Ord

Rebecca Ore

Kathleen O’Reilley

Peggy Orenstein

Tommy Orange

Jeffrey Orens

Ruth Orkin

Matt Ortile

George Orwell

Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy

Richard Osman

Evan Osnos

Michael Osterholm

Olivette Otele

Isabel Otter

David Ouimet

Richard Ovenden

Chris Owen

Chris Owen-2

Delia Owens

Helen Oxenbury

Helen Oyeymi

Lauren Oyler

Ruth Ozeki

Cynthia Ozick

Robert Paarlberg

George Packer

Leonardo Padura

Elaine Pagels

Lincoln Paine

Thomas Pakenham

R. J. Palacio

Luke Palmer

Orhan Pamuk

Christopher Paolini

Sara Paretsky

Lucy Parker

Matt Parker

T. Jefferson Parker

Simon Parkin

Adele Parks

Alan Parks

Brad Parks

Timothy Harold Parks

Maria Parr

Linda B. Parshall

Dolly Parton

Julie Paschkis

Bruce Pascoe

Ben Pastor

Esther Pasztory

Ann Patchett

Luke Patey

Kat Patrick

James Patterson

Elliot Harold Paul

Laline Paull

Mary Paulson-Ellis

Michelle Paver

Anna Pavord

Morris Pearl

Nancy Pearl

Iain Pears

Dan Pearson

John Pearson

M. Scott Peck

Richard Peck

Gale Pedrick

Pam Penick

J.D.S. Pendlebury

Irving Penn

Louise Penny

Antony Penrose

David Pepper

Samuel Pepys

Benjamin Percy

Caroline Criado Perez

Alexis Peri

S. J. Perelman

Mitali Perkins

Nicole Perlroth

Ray Perman

Anne Perry

Sarah Perry

Thomas Perry

Ingrid Persaud

Robert Peston

Andrew Pettegree

Daniel J. Peters

Ellis Peters


Elizabeth Peters

SJD Peterson

Ann Pettifor

Brenda Peynado

Ralph Pezzullo

Charles F. Pfeifer

Nathaniel Philbrick

Charlotte Philby

Thomas Philippon

Arthur Phillips

Barnaby Phillips

Owen Phillips

Roger Phillips

Felice Picano

Justine Picardie

Hella Pick

Richard Pickard

Jude Piesse

Emilie Pine

Craig Pittman

John Pitre

Andrea Pitzer

Neil Plakcy

Belva Plain

Robert Pobi

Edgar Allan Poe

Forrest C. Pogue

Frederick Pohl

Michael Pollan

Jonathan D. Pond

Clare Pooley

Snigdha Poonam

Douglas Porch

Agnes Poirier

Lisa Wilke Pope

Henry Porter

Max Porter

Beatrix Potter

Sibeal Pounder

Chris Power

Anthony Powell

Julie Powell

Samantha Power

Richard Powers

Robert C. Pozen

Eswar S. Prasad

David Pratt

Steven Pressfield

Douglas Preston

John Preston

Sir Paul Preston

Richard Preston

Clyde Prestowitz Jr.

Alfred Price

April Jones Prince

Bob Proehl

Bill Pronzini

Annie Proulx

Joanna Pruess

Michael Punke

Samir Puri

Brontez Purnell

Kenneth Purvis

Robert D. Putnam

Michael Pye

Nathan W. Pyle

Phung Nguyen Quang

David Quantick

Kwei Quartey

Maureen Quilligan

Anthony Quinn

Anthony J. Quinn

Kate Quinn

Dr. William Quinn

William P. Quinn

Matthew Quirk

Raul Rabadan

Jonathan Raban

William Rabkin

Kristen Radtke

Martyn Rady

James Raffan

Khurrum Rahman

Sue Rainsford

Vincent Ralph

Ian Rankin

Lev Raphael

Tom Rastrelli

Eric Rauchway

Frances Ray

Carol Reardon

James Rebanks

Frank Rector

Annette Gordon-Reed

Mary Reed

Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens

Kathy Reichs

Brian Holden Reid

Kiley Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Dominique Kirchner Reill

Mark Reinberger

Robert C. Reinhart

Mary Renault

Ruth Rendell

Alex Renton

Susan Reyburn

Alastair Reynolds

Rod Reynolds

Stevens E. Rhoads

Ben Rhodes

Kate Rhodes

Richard Lee Rhodes

Nathaniel Rich

Justin Richards

Patric Richardson

Donald Richie

Peter Ricketts

Thomas E. Ricks

Alan Riding

Jasper Ridley

Michael Ridpath

Donna Rifkind

Alex Riley

Brett Alan Riley

Gwendoline Riley

Sherri Duskey Rinker

Rick Riordan

Maria Riva

Sam Riviere

Karen Robards

Franklin Robert (wrote under the name Robert Adams)

Nadine Robert

Adam Charles Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Anthea Roberts

Cokie Roberts

John Maddox Roberts

Mary Reinhart Roberts

Michele Roberts

Nora Roberts

Barbara Paul Robinson

Michelle Robinson

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson – Horticultural Consultant

Peter Robinson – Investigative Journalist

Michael Robotham

Jennifer Robson

Eric Roffs

O. John Rogge

Michael F. Roizen

Duane W. Roller

James Rollins

James Romm

Susan Ronald

Jon Ronson

Kathleen Rooney

Sally Rooney

Lynda Roper

Peter Q. Rose

Charles Derek Ross

Philip Roth

Ben Rothery

Joshua D. Rothman

Hannah Rothschild

Carlo Rovelli

Rosemary Rowe

J K Rowling

Anuradha Roy

Arundhati Roy

Dave Rudden

Jean-Christophe Rufin

Ann Rule

David Rundell

Alan Rusbridger

Kristine Katherine Rusch

Salmon Rushdie

Leigh Russell

Mary Doria Russell

Paul Russell

Vito Russo

Helen Rutter

Sergio Ruzzier

Donal Ryan

Witold Rybczynski

Layla F. Saad

Jeremy A. Sabloff

Louis Sachar

Jeffrey Sachs

Sunjeev Sahota

Ginny Myers Sain

David Sainsbury

John Sales

Nancy Jo Sales

Zak Salih

David S. Salsburg

Cynthia Saltzman

Elizabeth D. Samet

Barbara Samuels

Ronald Sanders

Philippe Sands

Sathnam Sanghera

Helen Hooven Santmyer

Lucy Jane Santos

Raymond Sarlot

Pryia Satia

Marjane Satrapi

George Saunders

Robert Saviano

Dorothy L. Sayers

Steven Saylor

Said Sayrafiezadeh

Padraic X. Scanlan

Patricia Scanlan

Stephen Scannielo

Simon Scarrow

Brandon M. Schechter

Bill Scheick

Barrymore Lawerence Scherer

Michael Schiefelbein

Klaus H. Schmider

Anakana Schofield

Victoria Schofield

Dennis Schuetz

Sarah Schulman

Warren Schultz

Charlaine Harris Schulz

Michael Schuman

Geraldine Schwarz

Jeff Schwarz

Samantha Schweblin

Jon Scieszka

Katie Scott

R. J. Scott

Rion Amilcar Scott

Sir Walter Scott

Alan Scribner

Howard Hayes Scullard

Dr. Ruth Scurr

Jeremy Seal

Laura Sebastian

Augustine Sedgewick

Lisa See

Caroline Seebohm

Max Seeck

Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Erich Segal

Edward Seidensticker

Brian Selznick

Natalya Semenova

Mayukh Sen

Anil Seth

Vikram Seth

Diane Setterfield

Jeff Shaara

Michael Shaara

Samira Shackle

Elif Shafak

Andrew Shaffer

Mary Ann Shaffer

Minouche Shafik

Aarti Namdev Shahani

Nicholas Shakespeare

Sanyika Shakur

Amity Shales

Jill Shalvis

Elaine Shannon

Beth Shapiro

Amber Share

Akhil Sharma

Christina Sharpe

Neil Sharpson

William Shatner

Edward Shawcross

Clea Shearer

Lisa Sheehan

Merlin Sheldrake

Michael Shellenberger

Jane Shemilt

Sue Shephard

Jim Shepherd

Michael Sheridan – English author

Martin J. Sherwin

John Sherwood

Jay Shetty

David Emory Shi

Carol Shields

Maggie Shipstead

Nadia Shireen

John Shovlin

Lionel Shriver

Nikesh Shukla

Desmond Shum

Joanna Shupe

Nevil Shute

Jan Siegel

Max Siollun

Daniel Silva

Samantha Silva

Robert Silverberg

Dr. Charles Silverstein

Shel Silverstein

Catriona Silvey

Clifford D. Simak

Georges Simenon

Tom Simkin

Margaret Simons

Dan Simmons

Colin Simpson

Colin Simpson – English Reporter

Jonathan Sims

David Sinclair

Iain Sinclair

Sujit Sivasundaram

Edward Sklepowich

Nigel Slater

Asali Solomon

Jane Smiley

Ali Hamish Smith

Benjamin T. Smith

Charles Saumarez Smith

Dean Wesley Smith

Digby Smith

Emma Smith

Emma Smith (scholar)

Graham Smith

Lane Smith

Linda Joan Smith

Martin Cruz Smith

Michael E. Smith

Philip Smith

Sue Stuart-Smith

Timothy J. Smith

Timothy Jay Smith

Tracy K. Smith

Fleur Snedden

Lemony Snicket

Amy Sohn

Caro Soles

Ravi Somaiya

Mehmet Murat Somer

Burhan Sonmez

Susan Sontag

Villy Sorensen

Gretchen Sullivan Sorin

Mia Sosa

Ahdaf Soueif

Catherine Spangler

Muriel Spark

Albert Speer

Mark Sperring

Neil Sperry

Nadja Spiegelman

Carol Spier

Dan Spiotta

Nafissa Thompson-Spires

Frederick Spotts

Tricia Springstubb

Francis Spufford

Dana Stabenow

Edward St. Aubyn

Katherine St. John

Michelle Stacey

David Stahel

Michael Stanley

Maureen Stanton

Susannah Stapleton

Kevin Starr

Jack Staub

John Stauffer

Liz Stauffer

Maggie Stiefvater

David Ezra Stein

Mark D. Steinberg

Peter Steiner

Angela Stent

Philip Stephens

Neal Stephenson

Frances Stickley

T. J. Stiles

Rich Sternbach

Bryan Stevenson

Richard Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

William Stevenson

Nina Stibbe

S. M. Stirling

Ted Skotnicki

Clifford Stoll

Brad Stone

I. F. Stone

Jeff Stone

Peter Stothard

Rex Stout

Ruth Stout

Sebastian Strangio

Paul Strathern

Emma Straub

Tobias Straumann

John Strausbaugh

William Strauss

Abraham Streep

Karen Lee Street

Sir Roy Strong

Charles Stross

Jonathan Stroud

Elizabeth Strout

Edward Struzik

Douglas Stuart

Nancy Rubin Stuart

Matthew Sturgis

Daniel Suarez

Paola Subacchi

Samanth Subramanian

Olivia Sudjic

Sarah Sundin

C. Indeburg-Sundburg

Jesse Q. Sutanto

Serena Sutcliffe

William Sutcliffe

Dan SaSuweh Jones

James Suzman

Steph Swainston

Peter Swanson

Michael Swanwick

Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

John Sweetman

Ellen Sweets

Julie Sweig

Earl Swift

Graham Swift

S. D. Sykes

Andras Szanto

Calder Szewczak

Ray Takeyh

Frank Tallis

Judith Tankard

Donna Tartt

Andrew Taylor

Brandon Taylor

C. L. Taylor

Johnny C. Taylor Jr.

Michael Taylor

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Martha Teichner

Benjamin Teitelbaum

Ece Temelkuran

Paul Terry – Australian author

Josephine Tey

Ciaran Thapar

Paul Theroux

Ethan X. Thomas

Mark Alywin Thomas

Will Thomas

Rupert Thomson

W. R. Thompson

Tom Threadgill

James Thurber

Colin Thubron

Jane Thynne

Lavie Tidhar

Mara Timon

Adrian Tinniswood

Danny Tobey

Charles Todd

Daniel Todman

Miriam Toews

Olga Tokarczuk

J.R.R. Tolkien

Claire Tomalin

Robert Tombs

JoAnne Tompkins

Peter Tomsen

John Kennedy Toole

Mary Toomey

Adam Tooze

Joseph Torchia

Amor Towles

Camilla Townsend

Larry Townsend

Charles Townshend

James Traub

Jessica Traynor

John S. Tregoning

Rose Tremain

Peter Tremayne

Giles Tremlett

Dmitri Trenin

John Tresch

G. M. Trevelyan

William Trevor

Anthony Trollope

Gary Trudeau

Lynne Truss

E. C. Tubb

Donald A. Tubesing

Stanley Tucci

Acadia Tucker

Sherry Turkle

A. K. Turner

Alwyn W. Turner

Justin G. Turner

Scott Turow

Harry Turtledove

Helene Tursten

Stuart Turton

Ilaria Tuti

Mark Twain

Anne Tyler

Ben Tyler

Joyce Tyldesley

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Jenny Uglow

Volker Ullrich

Tomi Ungerer

Mike Unwin

Arthur Upfield

Nicola Upson

Melvin I. Urofsky

E. G. Vallianatos

Laura Van Den Berg

Clare Vanderpool

Milla Vane

Abagail A. Van Slyck

Iyanla Vanzant

Michael Vatikiotis

Liam Vaughn

Sarah Vaughan

Thorstein Bunde Veblen

Joyce Vederal

Rosemary Verey

Bob Vickery

Hugh Vickers

Hugo Vickers

Vendela Vida

Gore Vidal

Paul Vidich

Madhuri Vijay

Alice Vincent

Stephen Vines

Tom Vitale

Willy Vlautin

Pen Vogler

Stephen Volk

Alex Von Tunzelmann

Thomas M. Voss

Silke Vry

Ocean Vuong

Edmund de Waal

Wyn Craig Wade

Richard Wagamese

Ernst Wagermann

C. M. Waggoner

Gilbert Waldbauer

Anika Walke

Owen Walker

Stephen Walker (British author and film maker)

Kit de Wall

Robert James Waller

Jessica Walliser

Declan Walsh

Jess Walter

Laura Maylene Walter

David Walton

Andrea Wang

Nicholas Wapshott

Catriona Ward

Ruth Ware

Philip Warner

Patricia Nell Warren

Robert Penn Warren

Susan May Warren

Charlie Warzel

Fiona Waters

John Waters

Sarah Waters

Claire Vaye Watkins

Annie Watson

Frederick B. Watt

Holly Watts

Jill Watts

Madeleine Watts

Peter Watts

Daisy Waugh

Evelyn Waugh

Geoffrey Wawro

Robert Webb

Audrey Helen Weber

David Weber

Sheryl Webster

C. V. Wedgewood

David Heska Wanbli Weiden

Scott Weidensaul

Russell Weigley

Anna Weiner

Benno Weiner

Jennifer Weiner

Alison Weir

Andy Weir

Chris Weisinger

John Weitz

William C. Welch

William Gordon Welchman

H. G. Wells

Charles David Wendig

Franz Werfel

Neil Wertheimer

Stephen Wertheim

Rebecca West

Tom West

Meredith Westgate

Donald E. Westlake

Sir John Peter Westmacott

Robert Westall

Edith Wharton

Andrew Wheatcroft

Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Marina Clair Wheeler

Chris Whitaker

Antonia White

Ben White

E. B. White

Edmund White

Edward White

Martha White

T. H. White

Theodore H. White

Colson Whitehead

Aliya Whiteley

Walt Whitman

Dorothy Wickenden

John Edgar Wideman

Edward L. Widmer

Michael Wieck

Martin Joel Wiener

David Wiesner

Robin Wigglesworth

Susan Wiggs

Darcie Wilde

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Kate Wilhelm

Isabel Wilkerson

Toby Wilkinson

Mo Willems

Beatriz Williams

Eley Williams

John Edward Williams

Joy Williams

Laura Friedman Williams

Niall Williams

Susan Williams

Henry William Williamson

Lauren Willig

Paul J. Willis

Garry Wills

A. N. Wilson

Ben Wilson – American Science Fiction author

Ben Wilson – English historian

Christopher Wilson

Douglas L. Wilson

Edward Wilson

Edward O. Wilson

Frances Wilson

Sarah Winman

Jacqueline Winspear

Jessica Winter

Wayne Winterrowd

Jeannette Winterson

Susannah Wise

Ellen Marie Wiseman

David Wishart

P. G. Wodehouse

Martin Wolf

Naomi Wolf

Daniel Wolfe

Elise de Wolfe

Gene Wolfe

Tom Wolfe

James Wolff

Hilma Wolitzer

Philip Womack

Alice Wong

David Wong

Audrey Wood

John Wood

Cecil Woodham-Smith

Sandra Woodruff

Christopher Woods

Bob Woodward

C. Vann Woodward

Laurie Woolever

Adrian Woolridge

Michael Wooldridge

Greg Woolf

Virginia Woolf

Adrian Woolfson

Jennifer Worth

Tsering Woeser

Lawrence Wright

Peter Maurice Wright

Thomas Wright

Michela Wrong

Bob Wylie

John Wyndham

Qiu Xiaolong

Dan Yaccarino

Rachel Yoder

Jane Yolen

Paul Yoon

Peter York

Rob Young

Anne Youngson

Marguerite Yourcenar

Eiji Yoshikawa

Lea Ypi

Charles Yu

Antonio Zadra

Rosemarie Zagarri

Annie Zaidi

Michael Zapata

Chayym Zeldis

Kim Zetter

C Pam Zhang

David Zinczenko

William Zinsser

Gene Zion

Tom Zoellner

Yuval Zommer

Shoshana Zuboff

Catherine Zubovich

Mark Richard Zubro

David Zucchino

Gregory Zuckerman

Mitchell Zuckoff

Markus Zusak

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