An American author, Edgar Rice Burroughs was born in the city of Chicago, the state of Illinois in the United States on 1st September, 1875. He was famous for his notable works of Tarzan, the jungle hero and John Carter, the hero who takes an adventure on Mars. His genres included literature & fiction as well as science fiction and fantasy. His father, Major George Tyler Burroughs was a Civil war veteran and owned a business and his mother was Mary Evaline and he was their fourth son. Mary Rice Burroughs was his paternal grandmother and hence his middle includes her name. All his ancestors are mostly English and they have resided in North America since the first few colonies came here. He is the descendant of Edmund Rice, who during the early colonial time moved to Massachusetts and was the English Puritans. His family from the Burroughs side also came around the same time to Massachusetts. His ancestors took part in the American Revolution and other ancestors during the early colonial period settled in Virginia. Edgar took his education in many schools around the area and when in 1891, the influenza epidemic hit Chicago he went to stay at his brother’s place for almost half a year. Places that he has attended are the Michigan Military Academy and Philips Academy in Massachusetts. He graduated in the 1875, but failed the United States Military Academy’s exam in West Point. Later he enlisted in Fort Grant of the Arizona Territory as a soldier in the 7th U.S. Cavalry. In 1897, he was discharged from his service as a soldier as he was diagnosed with a heart related problem and was not eligible to serve.

Edgar Rice Burroughs went on to do many other jobs after being discharged from his service. He went to Idaho and worked there for some time on a ranch. Then, in 1899 he found some work at the firm of his father. Emma Hulbert was his childhood sweetheart and they got married in the month of January in 1900. He left his job in the year 1904 and then worked here and there in Idaho first and then Chicago. He began to write fiction by 1911 and was a wholesaler of a pencil-sharpener and was on low wages for several years. Edgar and Emma had two children by this time. The first one was Joan who latter married James Pierce, star of the film Tarzan and then later married a man named Hulbert. He began reading many magazines of pulp fiction during this time and said that he was sure at that time that he can easily write almost as entertaining as the stories in the magazines and sometimes even more entertaining. John Coleman Burroughs was the third and the last child of Burroughs and Emma and was born in the year 1913.

Edgar Rice Burroughs became a pilot in the 1920s and purchased a Security Airster S-1. He started encouraging his family to learn the art of flying. In the year 1935, he divorced his wife Emma and later married Florence Gilbert Dearholt in the year 1935. Dearholt was a former actress and the former wife of Ashton Dearholt, Burroughs’ friend. The two children of Dearholt were adopted by him, but they got divorced in the year 1942. When the Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, Burroughs was in Honolulu and was in his 60s. He applied for the post of a war correspondent and he received permission for that despite of his age and during World War II, he became one of the oldest U.S. war correspondents. In the bestselling novel by William Brinkley titled ‘Don’t Go Near the Water’, the life of Burroughs during his service in the war in mentioned. He went to California to the city of Encino after the war ended and died on 19th March in the year of 1950 due to many health related problems. More than 80 novels were written by him before his death and is buried in Tarzana in the state of California of the United States. In 2003, Burroughs was inducted in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

Among all the books that he has written one of them is ‘A Princess of Mars’ of the Mars series. It was published by Penguin Books on 7th February in the year 1912. John Carter is introduced in this book and is known as ‘the greatest Swordsman of two worlds’, or sometimes as ‘Warlord of Mars’. Through some mysterious circumstances, he travels to Mars or ‘Barsoom’ in their local tongue. He is a veteran of civil war and is from Virginia. He is chased by the Indian when he is Arizona territory and during the ambush he enters into a cave. Soon he discovers that he is no longer in that cave and he is somewhere else. He somehow has traveled to Mars and due to the lesser gravity and thinner atmosphere there he gets superhuman strength. He can knock out a fifteen-foot Martian by a single blow and can leap as much as 50 feet at a time. John Carter is saving the princess of Mars and at the end of the day becomes the prince of Mars. He encounters the Tharkian tribe during this time that are the green Martians. They have four arms and are fifteen-foot creatures, who live by the code of kill or be killed. If they survive they can live up to a thousand years and the only time when they smile or laugh is the time when they see their enemies suffering. Soon John beats all of his opponents due to his increased strength and knowledge he got during his service in the war. Later, because of him there is an alliance between the Red Martians and the green men for the first time in history. He teaches kindness and morals to those people and sends a message that there is still hope during dark times. The second book in the series of Barsoom is titled ‘The Gods of Mars’. It was published in the year 1913 and depicts the return of John Carter to Mars after 10 years of absence. After the event of ‘A Princess of Mars’, John Carter gets a way to get back to his wife Dejah Thoris, who is a Princess. The method of transportation as described in this novel is not the same as described in the previous one. There is an introduction of the nephew of John Carter and the Barsoomian religion is described in this novel. Again, John Carter is trying to meet his wife and fights his way by using his superhuman strength.

Books in order of publication by series:

Tarzan Books

Tarzan of the Apes(1912) 
The Return of Tarzan(1913) 
The Beasts of Tarzan(1914) 
The Son of Tarzan(1914) 
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar(1916) 
Jungle Tales of Tarzan(1919) 
Tarzan the Untamed(1920) 
Tarzan the Terrible(1921) 
Tarzan and the Golden Lion(1922) 
Tarzan and the Ant Men(1924) 
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle(1927) 
Tarzan and the Lost Empire(1928) 
Tarzan at the Earth’s Core(1929) 
Tarzan the Invincible(1930) 
Tarzan Triumphant(1931) 
Tarzan and the City of Gold(1932) 
Tarzan and the Lion Man(1933) 
Tarzan and the Leopard Men(1935) 
Tarzan’s Quest(1935) 
Tarzan and the Forbidden City(1938) 
Tarzan the Magnificent(1939) 
Tarzan and the Foreign Legion(1947) 
Tarzan and the Madman(1964) 
Tarzan and the Castaways(1965) 
The Lost Adventure(1995) 

John Carter Of Mars Books

A Princess of Mars(1917) 
The Gods of Mars(1918) 
The Warlord of Mars(1919) 
Thuvia, Maid of Mars(1920) 
The Chessmen of Mars(1922) 
The Master Mind of Mars(1927) 
A Fighting Man of Mars(1930) 
Swords of Mars(1934) 
Synthetic Men of Mars(1938) 
John Carter of Mars(1941) 
Llana of Gathol(1948) 

Chronological Order of John Carter Of Mars Books
Chronologically, Llana of Gathol comes before John Carter of Mars

Mucker Books

The Oakdale Affair(1917) 
The Mucker(1921) 
The Return of the Mucker(1921) 

Caspak Trilogy Books

The Land That Time Forgot(1924) 
The People That Time Forgot(1918) 
Out of Time’s Abyss(1918) 

Pellucidar Books

At the Earth’s Core(1922) 
Tanar of Pellucidar(1929) 
Tarzan at the Earth’s Core(1930) 
Back to the Stone Age(1937) 
Savage Pellucidar(1941) 
Land of Terror(1944) 

Chronological Order of Pellucidar Books
When reading this series in chronological order, switch Savage Pellucidar and Land of Terror around.

Moon Books

The Moon Maid(1923) 
The Moon Men(1926) 
The Red Hawk(1926) 

Venus Books

Lost on Venus(1933) 
Pirates of Venus(1934) 
Carson of Venus(1937) 
Escape on Venus(1946) 
The Wizard of Venus(1970) 
Chronological Order of Venus Books
Pirates of Venus comes before Lost on Venus in chronological order.

Standalone Novels

Beyond Thirty(1915) 
The Girl From Farris’s(1916) 
The Efficiency Expert(1921) 
The Girl From Hollywood(1922) 
Marcia of the Doorstep(1924) 
The Cave Girl(1925) 
The Eternal Lover(1925) 
The Bandit of Hell’s Bend(1926) 
The Mad King(1926) 
The Outlaw of Torn(1927) 
The War Chief(1927) 
The Monster Men(1929) 
The Land of Hidden Men(1932) 
Apache Devil(1933) 
The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw(1937) 
The Rider(1937) 
The Lad and the Lion(1938) 
The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County(1940) 
Beyond the Farthest Star(1941) 
The Man Eater(1955) 
I Am a Barbarian(1967) 
Pirate Blood(1970) 

Short Story Collection

Tales of Three Planets(1964) 


You Lucky Girl(1999)

Non-Fiction Book

Brother Men(2005)