Leigh Russell

An English writer of some repute, the novelist Leigh Russell has been writing for some time now, providing her unique take on the crime genre to much acclaim. She has managed to carve herself a highly influential and hugely successful niche within the marketplace, taking the common tropes and clichés of the genre and subverting them to her own end. Winning awards she has not only gained the respect and recognition of her peers and contemporaries, but the general public as well, with a writing career that is both critically and commercially successful.

Books in order of publication:

DI Geraldine Steel Books

Cut Short(2009) 
Road Closed(2010) 
Dead End(2011) 
Death Bed(2011) 
Stop Dead(2012) 
Fatal Act(2013) 
Killer Plan(2014) 
Murder Ring(2016) 
Deadly Alibi(2016) 
Class Murder(2018) 
Rogue Killer(2019) 
Death Rope(2019) 
Deathly Affair(2020) 

DS Ian Peterson Books

Cold Sacrifice(2013) 
Race to Death(2014) 
Blood Axe(2015) 

Lucy Hall Books

Journey to Death(2016) 
Girl in Danger(2016) 
The Wrong Suspect(2017) 

Standalone Novels

The Adulterer’s Wife(2018)
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