Mick Herron

Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom, the British author Mick Herron is well known for his short stories as well as his novels, which he has been writing for some time now, including his famous Sarah Tucker/Zoe Boehm series. Known for his unique take on the thriller novel, he’s managed to carve himself a niche within the field of crime literature, providing his work with a sense of humor that manages to lighten the narrative somewhat. That’s not to say it detracts from the darker elements though, as he’s definitely not averse to showing the grim realities of crime, as he’s well known for suspense and intrigues too. 

Books in order of publication by series: 

Zoe Boehm Books 

Down Cemetery Road  (2003)  
The Last Voice You Hear  (2004)  
Why We Die  (2006)  
Smoke and Whispers  (2009)  

Slough House Books 

Slow Horses  (2010)  
Dead Lions  (2013)  
The List  (2015)  
Real Tigers  (2016)  
Spook Street  (2017)  
London Rules  (2018)  
The Marylebone Drop / The Drop  (2018)  
Joe Country  (2019)  
The Catch  (2020)  
Jackson Lamb 7  (2021)  
Bad Actor (2022)

Standalone Novels 

Reconstruction  (2008)  
Nobody Walks  (2015)  
This is What Happened  (2018)  

Short Story Collections 

All the Livelong Day and Other Stories  (2013)   

Publication Order of Anthologies 

The Usual Santas (2016) 
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