Qiu Xiaolong

Born in 1953 in Shanghai, China, Qiu Xiaolong is a prolific English language author. As well as working as an academic, he writes poetry, crime fiction, literary translations and works of literary criticism. For example, he has translated several poems from the original Chinese into English and published these in a volume entitled ‘Treasury of Chinese Love Poems’ and he has also written a sizeable series of detective novels which are often popularly called ‘The Detective Chen Novels’ (though each novel, of course, has an individual title).

Inspector Chen Books

Death of a Red Heroine(2000) 
A Loyal Character Dancer(2002) 
When Red is Black(2004) 
A Case of Two Cities(2006) 
Red Mandarin Dress(2007) 
The Mao Case(2009) 
Don’t Cry, Tai Lake(2012) 
Enigma of China(2013) 
Shanghai Redemption(2014) 
Hold Your Breath, China(2020) 
The Shadow of the Empire (2020)

Inspector Chen Collections

Poems of Inspector Chen(2016) 
Inspector Chen and Me(2018) 
Inspector Chen and the Private Kitchen Murder(2020)

Short Story Collections

Lines Around China(2003) 
Years of Red Dust(2008) 
Disappearing Shanghai: Photographs and Poems of an Intimate Way of Life(2012) 

Poetry Collections

Classic Chinese Love Poems(2003) 
100 Poems from Tang and Song Dynasties(2006) 
Poems of Tang and Song Dynasties(2006) 


Treasury of Chinese Love Poems(2003)
Evoking Tang(2007)
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