Abir Mukherjee

Abir Mukherjee is an Indian author who grew up in the west of Scotland. He has been a fan of crime fiction ever since a friend suggested the book Gorky Park to him at the age of fifteen and it paid off as he ended up writing two crime novels later inspired by his love of the crime fiction genre.

He is the child of parents who immigrated from India. His debut novel is titled A Rising Man, published in 2016, and was inspired by his desire to find out more about a certain period in Anglo-Indian history that is not frequently written about.

Abir Mukherjee lives in London with his wife and two sons. A Rising Man was nominated for the Jhalak Prize Best Book and won the Harvill Secker and Daily Telegraph crime writing competition. It is the first in two of a series that has Captain Sam Wyndham as the main character with Banerjee as a co-protagonist. Books in order of publication:

Sam Wyndham Books

A Rising Man(2016) 
A Necessary Evil(2017) 
Smoke and Ashes(2018) 
Death in the East(2019) 
The Shadows of Men(2021) 

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Sin is the New Love(2018) 
The Sinful Silence(2021) 
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