Acadia Tucker

Acadia Tucker is a regenerative farmer, climate activist, and author. She has just published Growing Perennial Foods: A field guide to raising resilient herbs, fruits & vegetables. It is a call to action to citizen gardeners everywhere, and lay the groundwork for planting an organic, regenerative garden. For her, this is gardening as if our future depends on it. Before becoming an author, Acadia started a four-season organic market garden in Washington State inspired by farming pioneers Eliot Coleman and Jean-Martin Fortier. While managing the farm, Acadia grew 200 different food crops before heading back to school at the University of British Columbia to complete a Masters in Land and Water Systems. She lives in Maine and New Hampshire with her farm dog, Nimbus, and grows hops to support locally sourced craft beer in New England, when she is not raising perennials in her own backyard. She is also the author of Growing Good Food: A citizen’s guide to backyard carbon farming.

Books in order of publication:

Growing Perennial Foods: A Field Guide to Raising Resilient Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables – 2019

Growing Good Food: A citizen’s guide to backyard farming – 2019

Tiny Victory Gardens: Growing food without a yard – 2021

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