Adrienne LaCava

Adrienne LaCava grew up in 1960s Texas and has always fed a passion for history. The historical thread in her fiction, JFK’s assassination in Dallas, impacted her self-identity at an early age, not being one of those hostile, lawless Texans the press talked about back then. She studied journalism and business at UNT and forged a varied career around Texas, then after marrying a Dallas man, discovered the works of historians and researchers so plentiful there. On a lark she went seeking truths behind Camelot, and everything changed. Later on, during fiction studies at SMU, Adrienne invented a family impacted by the assassination, and it’s through those characters she explores the imprint of President Kennedy’s still unsolved murder our collective psyche. Countless personal stories were affected while the nation came apart; it’s where she mines for story.

LaCava and hubby laugh a lot and enjoy travel. They are blessed with grown children who are wonderful humans, and a grandson smitten with stories of other times too. Reliance on two rescued mutts as her muses keeps LaCava well grounded in mirth and agree ability.

Book published:

No One Can Know2013
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