Alan Brennert

Alan Brennert is an American fiction author. The 1954 born author is also a screenwriter and television producer. His career as a screenwriter starts way back in 1978 where he did several scripts for the renowned Wonder Woman Series. He has worked as an editor and written several scripts for The Buck Roger’s Series for the NBC.

Alan was given the Emmy award in 1991 for producing and writing The L.A. Law. More awards followed as he sank deep into writing which among them include The Nebula Award for the best short story back in 1991. His majors in writing include novels, comic books, and Marvel comics.

Books in order of publication:

Hawaii Books

Daughter of Moloka’i(2019) 

Standalone Novels

City of Masques(1978) 
Kindred Spirits(1984) 
Time and Chance(1990) 
Batman: Holy Terror(1991) 
Palisades Park(2013) 

Short Story Collections

Her Pilgrim Soul(1990) 
The Hawaii Novels(2015) 
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