Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster is an American author of fantasy and science fiction novels , who has to his credit a long list of hit novels. He was born in New York City but was raised mainly in California. He received hi B.A. in Political Science from UCLA in 1968 and got his Master of Fine Arts degree from University of California, Los Angeles in 1969. He currently lives in Arizona with his wife JoAnn Oxley and loves to travel, explore new places and meet new people. This can be seen in his books where you are most likely to meet new creatures or end up trudging the terrain of a new planet. He is best known for his work in the series “Humanx Commonwealth Universe”, “Icerigger” and his prolific abilitiy of novelization. His career began when August Derleth bought Alan’s letter and published it in his bi-annual magazine- The Arkham Collector. Sales of the magazines followed , Alan’s career took off and then there was no turning back for the man who was to challenge and redefine his reader’s imagination in a way that it left them wanting for more. Such has been the impact that along with various other awards such as the Ignotus Award in Spain in 1994 and the Stannik Award in 2000 in Russia, he has also won the 2008 Grand Master Award from the Association of Media Tie-in Writers.

It is said that it takes just one masterstroke for the world to know of the genius it beholds. For Alan Dean Foster the masterstroke came with his creation of the character Philip Lynx ( Flinx ) in the “Humanx Commonwealth” . For Love of Mother Not- is the first book chronologically in the series,though is was written fourth, to describe Flinx’s early history. Flinx is an empathetic young man who finds himself amidst a series of events on which the survival of the entire Galaxy depends upon. Born to aprostitute Rud Anasage Lynx in Allahabad, India, it was observed that Flinx had unusalactivity in his brain at birth which indicated a potential for supernaturaltalent. Flinx was raised as an experiment by the group known as Meliorare Society, who relocated him from time to time, moving him from place to place in order to avoid authorities who used to deterengineers and reclaim the children. Flinx was as normal and deposited in a slaver market where he was adopted by Mother Mastiff and was thereafter raised on the lowerDrallar on the planet Moth. Mother Mastiff did a bundle of scams and Flinx followed her footsteps. With an uncontrollable and erratic empathic ability Flinx as a character, along with his closest companion- a minidragon who he names Pip, takes the readers through a journey that tends to leave its imprints deep into the readers’ mind.

The gripping journey of the characters leave the readers in the awe of the author’s imagination for transforming an almost surreal dream into an imaginative reality. The second in the series is the book- “The Tar Aiym Krang”. It is Foster’s first published novel and describes the journey of Flinx, an orphan and a thief, as he steals a starmap from a dead body that leads to a strange alien artifact on the abandoned word and the galactic alliance between the humans and an insectlike race called Thranx. This adventure snowballs into a journey of self discovery for Flinx and lays the foundation for the series that follows.To take his reader’s imagination a step further and challenge the boundaries of it, he not only gives a vivid description of the creatures but goes a step ahead by creating a series of Maps to imbibe reality into his characters. True to his nature, he seems to have no qualms about experimenting with the surreal making it a treat for the readers who can almost always be certain to be left amazed by the unknown. You can expect the unexpected when you read a Alan Dean Foster’s novel and it is this mindset that has helped Alan become a well established and an unique figure in the realms of writing. Apart from the novels and series, Alan is also the author of some very successful standalone commonwealth novels such as “Midworld” and “Quofum”. Furthermore, Foster also has audio visual works in the Star Trek and The Marexx.

Like his character Flinx, who has an empathic ability of understanding others’ emotions, Alan Dean Foster himself has a knack of working his magic on the readers by his prolific ability of novelization of movies. Think of any Sci-Fi movie you would have wanted to read in a novel and there is Alan with a book the captures the epitome of the movie in a way that none other can. Star Wars, Transformers, Terminator Salvation and The Clash of the Titans are some his best works. He has also authored some notable collections such as “With Friends Like These” and “Impossible Places”.

What most people don’t know is that Alan is unique not only as an author but also as a person. The Fosters reside in Arizona with hundreds of houseplants, eagles, dogs ,cats and a host of other animals. Interestingly, Alan used to practice Karate with Aaron and Chuck Norris before Chuck decided to quit teaching for a Career in Acting. A member of the Science-Fiction Writers of America and the Author’s Guild of America, Alan has also been on the planning and zoning commission for his home town Prescott, Arizona for two years.Alan has also taught screenwriting and literature at UCLA and has lectured at various universities and conferences around the globe. Adventurous by nature, Alan has transversed the entire length and breadth of Namibia driving solo and crossed the Andes by car. His filmed footage of the Great White sharks feeding in Australia appeared both on the American Television and the BBC.It is rare to find people who work hard to carve a niche of there own in a world which runs on copies. Unique in his own ways, Alan Dean Foster, is and will be one of the most iconic author of our times.

Books published in order by series:

Pip & Flinx Books

The Tar-Aiym Krang(1972) 
The End of the Matter(1977) 
Orphan Star(1977) 
For Love of Mother-Not(1983) 
Flinx in Flux(1988) 
Flinx’s Folly(2003) 
Sliding Scales(2004) 
Running from the Deity(2005) 
Trouble Magnet(2006) 
Flinx Transcendent(2009) 
Strange Music(2017) 

Icerigger Books

Mission to Moulokin(1979) 
The Deluge Drivers(1987) 

Star Trek: The Animated Series Books

Log One(1974) 
Log Two(1974) 
Log Three(1975) 
Log Four(1975) 
Log Five(1975) 
Log Six(1976) 
Log Seven(1976) 
Log Eight(1976) 
Log Nine(1977) 
Log Ten(1978) 

Humanx Commonwealth Books

Nor Crystal Tears(1982) 
Voyage to the City of the Dead(1984) 
Sentenced to Prism(1985) 
The Howling Stones(1997) 
Drowning World(2003) 

Star Wars Books

Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker(1976) 
Splinter of the Mind’s Eye(1978) 
The Approaching Storm(2002) 
Star Wars: The Force Awakens(2016) 

With Friends… Books

With Friends Like These…(1977) 
…Who Needs Enemies?(1984) 

Alien Books

Alien 3(1992) 
Alien: Covenant: Origins – The Official Movie Prequel(2017) 
Alien Covenant(2017) 

Spellsinger Books

The Hour of the Gate(1984) 
The Day of the Dissonance(1984) 
The Moment of the Magician(1984) 
The Paths of the Perambulator(1985) 
The Time of the Transference(1986) 
Son of Spellsinger(1993) 
Chorus Skating(1994) 

Damned Books

A Call to Arms(1991) 
The False Mirror(1992) 
The Spoils of War(1993) 

Angel Cardenas Books

Montezuma Strip(1995) 
The Mocking Program(2002) 

Dinotopia Books

Dinotopia Lost(1996) 
The Hand of Dinotopia(1997) 

Journeys Of The Catechist Books

Carnivores of Light and Darkness(1998) 
Into the Thinking Kingdoms(1999) 
A Triumph of Souls(2000) 

Founding Of The Commonwealth Books

Diuturnity’s Dawn(2002) 

Taken Books

Lost and Found(2004) 
The Light-Years Beneath My Feet(2005) 
The Candle of Distant Earth(2006) 

Transformers Books

Ghosts of Yesterday(2007) 
The Veiled Threat(2009) 
Revenge of the Fallen(2009) 

Star Trek Books

Star Trek(2009) 
Into Darkness(2013) 
The Unsettling Stars(2020) 

Tipping Point Trilogy Books

The Human Blend(2010) 
Body, Inc.(2012) 
The Sum of Her Parts(2012) 

Countless Worlds Books

The Taste of Different Dimensions(2019) 
The Flavors of Other Worlds(2019) 

Standalone Novels

Dark Star(1974) 
The Black Hole(1979) 
Clash of the Titans(1981) 
The Thing(1982) 
The Man Who Used the Universe(1983) 
The Last Starfighter(1984) 
The I Inside(1984) 
Pale Rider(1985) 
Into the Out Of(1986) 
Glory Lane(1987) 
Outer Heat(1988) 
To the Vanishing Point(1988) 
Alien Nation(1988) 
Cyber Way(1990) 
Design for Great-Day(1995) 
The Dig(1995) 
Life Form(1995) 
Voyage of the Basset(1996) 
Jed the Dead(1997) 
Kingdoms of Light(2001) 
Primal Shadows(2001) 
The Chronicles of Riddick(2004) 
Terminator: Salvation(2009) 
The Deavys(2016) 

Short Stories

The Horror on the Beach(1978) 
Box of Oxen(2011) 

Short Story Collections

The Metrognome and Other Stories(1990) 
Mad Amos(1996) 
Impossible Places(2002) 
Exceptions to Reality(2008) 
Untold Adventures: Dungeons & Dragons(2011) 
Resistance Front, Volume 1(2012) 

Graphic Novels

Sir Charles Barkley and the Referee Murders(1993) 


Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves(1977) 
Betcha Can’t Read Just One(1993) 

Non-Fiction Books

Walt Disney’s Animated Figures and Silly Symphonies(1980) 
Predators I Have Known(2011) 
The Phisher(2012)
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