Alastair Chisholm

Alastair is an award-winning children’s author and puzzle creator. He’s the author of the sci-fi middle-grade adventures ORION LOST and ADAM-2 , and children’s picture books THE PRINCE AND THE WITCH AND THE THIEF AND THE BEARS and INCH AND GRUB, as well as books of Sudoku, Kakuro and other puzzles, including the Kids’ Book of Sudoku and Kids’ Book of Kakuro series.

Alastair lives in Edinburgh with his wife (who is lovely), two children (who are lovely but very loud), and a cat who is yowling at him even though there is clearly food in her bowl, look, it’s right there, *look*.

Author website:

Books in order of publication:

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears – 2018

Orion Lost – 2020

The Tale of the Valiant Ninja Frog – 2020

Inch and Grub: a story about cavemen – 2020

Adam-2 – 2021

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