Alastair Reid

Alastair Reid (22 March 1926, in Whithorn – 21 September 2014, in Manhattan) was a Scottish poet and a scholar of South American literature. He was known for his lighthearted style of poems and for his translations of South American poets Jorge Luis Borges and Pablo Neruda. Although he was known for translations, his own poems had gained notice during his lifetime. He had lived in Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Morocco, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, the Dominican Republic, and in the United States. During the editorship of William Shawn he wrote for The New Yorker magazine, but his main income was from teaching.

Books in order of publication:

To Lighten My House – 1953

Fairwater – 1957

Outside In: Selected Prose – 1959

I Will Tell You of a Town – 1959

The Millionaires – 1959

Password: places, poems, preoccupations – 1963

To Be Alive! – 1966

Uncle Timothy’s Traviata – 1967

Supposing – 1973

Weathering – 1978

Ounce Dice Trice – 1979

Whereabouts: Notes on Being a Foreigner – 1987

An Alastair Reid Reader: Selected Poetry and Prose – 1994

Oases: Poems and Prose – 1997

Digging Up Scotland – 2002

When Now Is Not Now – 2006

Outside In: Selected Prose – 2008

Inside Out: Selected Poetry and Translations – 2008

To Lighten My House – 2019

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