Alastair Reynolds

Alastair Reynolds is a British author of fiction. Born in 1966, he is known for his writing mainly in the science fiction genre. He is an interesting author since he used to be a space scientist and now is a full-time writer, even though for a time the two activities were running parallel.

Reynolds started off his career in the early nineties, when he had some of his short stories published in Interzone, a British science fiction magazine. Growing in confidence from his publications, Reynolds eventually tried his hand at writing full length fictional novels. He says that he attempts to write some short stories every year and averages writing about one novel per year.

He says that some of his stories and later books are set in a future named after Revelation Space that is consistent with the same world in the series. However, he has also done books that are set in other worlds as well. Reynolds says that between books, he does like to keep things fresh.

Reynolds was born in Wales. He grew up in Cornwall and also spent some time in the north of Scotland and England. He moved to the Netherlands in order to pursue his career in science. He lived there and worked there for a while before eventually coming back to Wales to live.

He says that he enjoys a variety of hobbies besides just running, including riding horses, playing the guitar, walking up hills, running, and making models. Reynolds also says that he occasionally tries his hand with paints. He met his wife through climbing while in the Netherlands and proposed. They got married in Wales and live in a very nice and peaceful area that is surrounded by woods, hills, and wildlife.

He is the writer and creator of the Revenger series of fictional novels. The series kicked off in 2000 with the publication of the debut novel in the series. It is titled Revelation Space. That was followed up by the sequel in the series, titled Redemption Ark. Reynolds wrote five books in the series with a few additional special related novellas and collections of the series being released along the way. The Prefect, the fifth book in this science fiction series, came out in 2007.

Revelation Space is the first book in the Revelation Space series. When it comes to science fiction, if you love classic works from authors like Arthur C. Clarke and H.G. Wells, you will certainly enjoy this debut story in this awesome science fiction series!

The Amarantin civilization was thriving in the past. 900,000 years ago, the Amarantin people were on the verge of figuring out space flight. Their technology was growing and they were doing great until something got in the way. Something took out the civilization right as it was cresting into a new era of discovery.

The main character in this book is named Dan Sylveste. He is a scientist that is deeply interested in what happened to this civilization and why. Dan has a hunch that the answer to his questions may be relevant to the human race today. He believes that this is a riddle, and he must solve it before history gets the chance to repeat itself. But what affected these people, and could it impact them today? Or did the Amarantin civilization bring this upon themselves?

Dan doesn’t know what to do but he does know that he has limited resources to work with. As a result, he is forced to form an alliance with an unlikely group of people– the starship Nostalgia for Infinity’s cyborg crew. The agreement is dangerous, but he has little options at his disposal.

Dan is closing in on the answers that he is looking for– but is someone closing in on him in the meantime? The scientist may have just attracted the attention of a dangerous killer and people that would do anything to keep those ancient secrets buried with the relics of the past.

It could just be that this civilization was taken out for a reason. Dan is doing everything that he can to find out that reason. But if he finds it out, he has no idea that the very fabric of their world could be altered for the rest of time. What is going to happen? You’ve got to pick up Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds to find out for yourself!

Redemption Ark is the intriguing sequel in Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space series! If you enjoyed the debut novel in this unique sci-fi series from an acclaimed author, you’re sure to enjoy this fast-paced sequel.

The setting is the end of the late 26th century. The human race has come a long way, and they have become advanced enough in their progress to set off a chain reaction that may have deadly consequences for them all. Not knowing that their advancement would have undue effects, they accidentally trigger the Inhibitors.

The Inhibitors are killing machines made by aliens. Their purpose is to detect intelligent life and then do their best to absolutely wipe it off the map. Humanity is in deep trouble, and in a pickle that they never saw coming. The only hope that they have is to recover a secret cache of weapons that could be powerful enough to help them in their plight.

If humanity can get their hands on the doomsday weapons, they might just have a shot at winning and beating the Inhibitors for good, saving the human race and the future in the process. But when Clavain, a determined renegade, decides that he wants to find the weapons and help beat the alien machines once and for all, he may have more on his plate than he was prepared for.

These weapons are powerful, and Clavain is not the only one that’s after them. As various factions race to be the ones to find the hidden cache first, Clavain’s very life may be at risk. No one has any idea that the weapons may also have a hidden agenda. What will happen, and can the human race survive this trial by fire? Check out Redemption Ark to find out!

Books in order of publication by series:

  Revelation Space Books

Revelation Space(2000) 
Chasm City(2001) 
Diamond Dogs(2001) 
Redemption Ark(2002) 
Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days(2003) 
Absolution Gap(2003) 
Galactic North(2006) 
The Prefect(2007) 

Inspector Drefus Books

The Prefect(2007) 
Elysium Fire(2018) 

Poseidon’s Children Books

Blue Remembered Earth(2012) 
On the Steel Breeze(2012) 
Poseidon’s Wake(2015) 

Merlin Books

Merlin’s Gun(2012) 
The Iron Tactician(2016) 

Doctor Who: Third Doctor Book

Harvest of Time(2013)

Medusa Chronicles Book

The Medusa Chronicles(2016)

Revenger Books

The Shadow Captain(2019) 
Bone Silence(2020) 

Standalone Novels

Century Rain(2004) 
Pushing Ice(2005) 
House of Suns(2007) 
Terminal World(2009) 

Short Stories/Novellas

The Six Directions of Space(2008) 
Zima Blue(2009) 
Thousandth Night(2013) 
Slow Bullets(2015) 


War and Space(2012)
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