Albert Hodges Morehead

Hoyle’s Rules of Games1946
The Pocket Book of Games1946
The New Complete Hoyle: The Authoritative Guide to the Official Rules of All Popular Games of Skill and Chance, Revised Edition1947
The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games1949
poker the nation’s most fascinating card game1950
The New Wonder Book Cyclopedia of World Knowledge (Vol. V)1954
The New American First Crossword Puzzle Book1961
Roget’s College Thesaurus1962
Official Rules of Card Games1963
Morehead on Bidding: Albert H. Morehead’s Classic Book1964
The Complete Book of Patience1967
The New American Crossword Dictionary1967
Complete Guide to Winning Poker1973
Hoyle Up-to-Date1984
Hoyle’s Rules of Games (Signet Books)2001
Canasta – The Popular New Rummy Games for Two to Six Players – How to Play, the Complete Official Rules and Full Instructions on How to Play Well and Win2010
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