Alexander Galant

Alexander Galant is the author of the historical thriller novel ‘Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder Mystery)’. It has been awarded Finalist in the BEST NEW E-BOOK: FICTION category of the 2012 USA BOOK AWARDS as well as Finalist E-Book: Mystery/Thriller/Adventure category – 2012 International Book Awards.  His short story thriller ‘Remember Me‘ is part of the Starship Goodwords Anthology available from Amazon.  He’s finishing up another novel,  Darkness Beneath the City of Light. This historical fiction thriller features a young Victor Hugo, his journey into the dark underworld of Paris and exposure to those he later referred to as ‘Les Misérables’.  

Alexander was also the historical researcher and ghostwriter for Dracula the Un-Dead. Alexander also co-wrote the screenplay adaptation that was optioned briefly by Jan de Bont and adapted the novel into a dramatic stage reading for the Toronto book launch of Dracula the Un-Dead, which brought out the highest turnout for any event on the book tour.

Alexander has also written and directed several short films which have won awards in festivals around the world.  He also continues to direct various styles of theatre.  (See Directing Website)

Alexander’s action-adventure pilot script HOOD came in 6th place in the 2018 Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle Competition. It was also a Quarter-Finalists in Screen Crafts Pilot Launch Competition.

Latest thriller film SHADOWED starring Cynthia Galant, Skyler Wexler & Andrew Gillies (all from Orphan Black)  is in pre-production. 


Books published in order

Depths of Deception 2012

Same Crime Tomorrow (short story)

Lutetia: Darkness Beneath the City of Light (soon to be published)

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