Alfred Price

Alfred Price FRHitsS ( – January 29, 2017) was a popular author on aviation and related topics. He wrote over 40 books and 200 magazine articles. Price served in the Royal Air Force(RAF) as an aircrew officer. Price received his PHD in history from Loughborough University.

Pictorial History of the Luftwaffe 1933-1945. London: Allan, 1969

Focke Wulf 190 at War. New York: Scribner, 1977.

Instruments of Darkness: The History of Electronic Warfare. London: Macdonald and Jane’s, 1977.

Battle of Britain 18 August 1940: The Hardest Day. London: Macdonald and Jane’s, 1979.

The Spitfire Story. London: Jane’s, 1982.

Air Battle Central Europe. New York: Warner Books, 1990.

The Last Year of the Luftwaffe, May 1944 to May 1945. London: Arms and Armour, 1993.

Late Marque Spitfire Aces: 1942-45. London: Osprey, 1995.

Spitfire Mark V Aces, 1941-45. London: Osprey Aerospace, 1997.

Sky Battles!: Dramatic Air Warfare Actions. London: Cassell, 1998, 1993.

Targeting the Reich: Allied Photographic Reconnaissance Over Europe, 1939-1945. London: Greenhill, 2003.

Battle Over the Reich: The Strategic Air Offensive Over Germany. Hersham: Classic, 2005.

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