Ali Hamish Smith

Ali Hamish Smith was born August 24, 1962, in Scotland in Inverness. Her parents were working class. She grew up in a local council house. She moved to Cambridge, where she currently resides.

Ali Smith is the creator and the author of the Seasonal series. The series started off with the release of the debut novel Autumn, which came out in 2016. Winter followed that and the third novel in the series is titled Spring and came out in 2019. The fourth book is Summer. If you are looking for a new and interesting fictional series to pick up and get into, then check this one out!

Books in order of publication by series:

Seasonal Books

Summer    (2020)  

Standalone Novels

Hotel World(2001) 
The Accidental(2005) 
There but for the(2011) 
How to be both(2014) 
Companion Piece(2022)


Free Love and Other Stories(1998) 
Other Stories and Other Stories(1999) 
The Whole Story and Other Stories(2003) 
The Brighton Book(2005) 
The First Person(2008) 
Ox-Tales: Fire(2009) 
Road Stories(2012) 
Six Shorts(2013) 
Public Library and Other Stories(2015) 

Short Stories/Novellas

The Story of Antigone(2016)

Non-Fiction Books

IN the Spirit of Spark(2018) 
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