Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh is an Indian-born writer famous for contemporary literature that uses complex narrative strategies to explore the personal and national identity of people from India and South Asia origins. Ghosh was born on 11th July 1956 to a Bengali Hindu family in Calcutta.

His father, Shailendra Chandra Ghosh was a retired officer in the pre-independence Indian army who worked as a diplomat during Ghosh’s early life. As a result of his father’s job, Ghosh traveled a lot during his childhood and mingled with different cultures of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Iran besides that from his own country India.

Books in order of publication:

Ibis Trilogy Books

Sea of Poppies(2008) 
River of Smoke(2011) 
Flood of Fire(2015) 

Standalone Novels

The Circle of Reason(1986) 
The Shadow Lines(1988) 
The Calcutta Chromosome(1996) 
The Glass Palace(2000) 
The Hungry Tide(2004) 
Gun Island(2019) 

Non-Fiction Books

In an Antique Land(1993) 
Dancing in Cambodia, at Large in Burma(1998) 
The Imam and the Indian – Prose Pieces(2002) 
Incendiary Circumstances(2005) 
Dancing in Cambodia and Other Essays(2008) 
The Great Derangement(2016) 
The Nutmeg’s Curse(2021)   

Poetry Collections

Jungle Nama: A Story of the Sunderban (2021)

Publication Order of Anthologies

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