Andre Norton

Andre Alice Norton (born Alice Mary Norton, February 17, 1912 – March 17, 2005) was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy, who also wrote works of historical fiction and contemporary fiction. She wrote primarily under the pen name Andre Norton, but also under Andrew North and Allen Weston. She was the first woman to be Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy,[2] to be SFWA Grand Master,[3] and to be inducted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.[4][5][6]

Books published by date and by series

Lorens Van Norreys Books

The Sword is Drawn(1944) 
Sword in Sheath(1949) 

After The Apocalypse Books

Daybreak 2250 AD(1952) 
No Night Without Stars(1975) 

Central Control Books

Star Rangers(1953) 
Star Guard(1955) 

Pax/Astra Books

The Stars Are Ours(1954) 
Star Born(1957) 

Solar Queen Books

Sargasso of Space(1955) 
Plague Ship(1956) 
Voodoo Planet(1959) 
Postmarked the Stars(1969) 
Redline the Stars(1993) 
Derelict for Trade(1997) 
A Mind for Trade(1997) 

Crosstime Books

The Crossroads of Time(1956) 
Quest Crosstime(1965) 

Time Traders Books

The Time Traders(1958) 
Galactic Derelict(1959) 
The Defiant Agents(1962) 
Key Out of Time(1963) 
Echoes in Time(1999) 
Atlantis Endgame(2002) 

Hosteen Storm Books

The Beast Master(1959) 
Lord of Thunder(1962) 
Beast Master’s Ark(2002) 
Beast Master’s Circus(2004) 
Beast Master’s Quest(2006) 

Game Of Stars and Comets Books

The Sioux Spaceman(1960) 
Eye of the Monster(1962) 
The X Factor(1965) 

Forerunner Books

Storm Over Warlock(1960) 
Ordeal in Otherwhere(1964) 
Forerunner Foray(1973) 
The Second Venture(1985) 

Rebel Books

Ride Proud, Rebel!(1961) 
Rebel Spurs(1962) 

Dipple Books

Night of Masks(1964) 

Witch World: Estcarp Cycle Books

Witch World(1963) 
Web of the Witch World(1964) 
Three Against the Witch World(1965) 
Warlock of the Witch World(1967) 
Sorceress of the Witch World(1968) 
Trey of Swords(1977) 
Ware Hawk(1983) 
The Gate of the Cat(1987) 
Ciara’s Song(1998) 
The Duke’s Ballad(2005) 

Janus Books

Judgment on Janus(1963) 
Victory on Janus(1966) 

Magic Books

Steel Magic(1965) 
Octagon Magic(1967) 
Dragon Magic(1967) 
Fur Magic(1968) 
Lavender-Green Magic(1974) 
Red Hart Magic(1976) 
Dragon Mage(2008) 

Witch World: High Halleck Cycle Books

Year of the Unicorn(1965) 
The Crystal Gryphon(1972) 
Spell of the Witch World(1972) 
The Jargoon Pard(1974) 
Zarsthor’s Bane(1978) 
Gryphon in Glory(1981) 
Horn Crown(1981) 
Gryphon’s Eyrie(1984) 
Silver May Tarnish(2005) 

Moonsinger Books

Moon of Three Rings(1966) 
Exiles of the Stars(1971) 
Flight in Yiktor(1986) 
Dare to Go A-Hunting(1989) 
Brother to Shadow(1993) 

Dark Companion Books

Dark Piper(1968) 
Dread Companion(1970) 

Murdoc Jern Books

The Zero Stone(1968) 
Uncharted Stars(1969) 

Gods and Androids Books

Android at Arms(1971) 
Wraiths of Time(1976) 

Star Ka’at Books

Star Ka’at(1976) 
Star Ka’at World(1976) 
Star Ka’at and the Winged Warriors(1976) 
Star Ka’ats and the Plant People(1979) 

Quad Keep Books

Quag Keep(1978) 
Return to Quag Keep(2006) 

Trillium Books

Black Trillium(1990) 
Golden Trillium(1993) 

Halfblood Chronicles Books


Witch World: The Turning Books

Storms of Victory(1991) 
Flight of Vengeance(1992) 
On Wings of Magic(1994) 
The Key of the Keplian(1995) 
The Magestone(1996) 
The Warding of Witch World(1996) 

Mark Of The Cat Books

The Mark of the Cat(1992) 
The Year of the Rat(2001) 

Five Senses Books

The Hands of Lyr(1994) 
The Mirror of Destiny(1995) 
The Scent of Magic(1998) 
The Wind in the Stone(1999) 
A Taste of Magic(2006) 

Carolus Rex Books

The Shadow of Albion(1999) 
Leopard in Exile(2001) 

Cycle Of Oak, Yew, Ash and Rowan Books

To the King a Daughter(2000) 
Knight or Knave(2001) 
A Crown Disowned(2002) 
Dragon Blade(2005) 
The Knight of the Red Beard(2008) 

Standalone Novels

The Prince Commands(1934) 
Ralestone Luck(1938) 
Follow the Drum(1942) 
Huon of the Horn(1951) 
At Swords’ Points(1954) 
Yankee Privateer(1955) 
Sea Siege(1957) 
Star Gate(1958) 
Secret of the Lost Race(1959) 
Shadow Hawk(1960) 
Star Hunter(1961) 
Operation Time Search(1967) 
Stand to Horse(1968) 
Ice Crown(1970) 
Bertie and May(1971) 
Breed to Come(1972) 
Garan the Eternal(1972) 
Here Abide Monsters(1973) 
Iron Cage(1974) 
Merlin’s Mirror(1975) 
Knave of Dreams(1975) 
The White Jade Fox(1975) 
Perilous Dreams(1976) 
The Opal-Eyed Fan(1977) 
Velvet Shadows(1977) 
Yurth Burden(1978) 
Snow Shadow(1979) 
Seven Spells to Sunday(1979) 
Iron Butterflies(1980) 
Ten Mile Treasure(1981) 
Moon Called(1982) 
Wheel of Stars(1983) 
House of Shadows(1984) 
Stand and Deliver(1984) 
Serpent’s Tooth(1987) 
Imperial Lady: A Fantasy of Han China(1989) 
The Jekyll Legacy(1990) 
Sneeze on Sunday(1992) 
Empire of the Eagle(1993) 
Tiger Burning Bright(1995) 
The Monster’s Legacy(1996) 
Three Hands for Scorpio(2005) 

Children’s Books

Rogue Reynard(1947) 
The Day of the Ness(1975) 
Ride the Green Dragon(1985) 

Short Stories

The People of the Crater(2009) 
All Cats Are Gray(2011) 

Short Story Collections

High Sorcery(1970) 
The Many Worlds of Andre Norton(1974) 
Moon Mirror(1988) 
Andre Norton: Fables and Futures(1989) 
Wizards’ Worlds(1989) 
Tales from High Hallack, Volume 1(2014) 
Tales from High Hallack, Volume 2(2014) 
Tales from High Hallack, Volume 3(2014) 

Witch World Anthologies

Lore of the Witch World(1980) 
Tales of the Witch World 1(1987) 
Tales of the Witch World 2(1988) 
Four from the Witch World(1989) 
Tales of the Witch World 3(1990) 

Magic In Ithkar Anthologies

Magic in Ithkar(1985) 
Magic in Ithkar 2(1985) 
Magic in Ithkar 3(1987) 
Magic in Ithkar 4(1987) 

Catfantastic Anthologies

Catfantastic: Nine Lives and Fifteen Tales(1989) 
Catfantastic II(1990) 
Catfantastic III(1994) 
Catfantastic IV(1996) 
Catfantastic V(1999) 

Non-Fiction Books

Gates to Tomorrow: An Introduction to Science Fiction(1973)
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