Andrew Barrett

Andrew Barrett is a British author from Leeds who has made a name for himself writing detective crime fiction.

He was born to a transport manager and a seamstress in a suburb of Leeds, where he was the youngest of three siblings. He went to school at Royds School and proceeded to undertake a mechanical engineering and electrical degree at Kitson College.

After completing his college studies, he got a job with contractor that took him to the Middle East. He was posted to Kuwait where he was lead technician oil services, and later engine builder with Caterpillar. He came back home to become a CSI, a job that he has held for more than a decade while writing his detective crime thrillers part-time.

Books in order of publication:

SOCO Roger Conniston/The Dead Trilogy Books

A Long Time Dead(2011) 
Stealing Elgar(2011) 
No More Tears(2011) 

CSI Eddie Collins Books

The Third Rule(2013) 
Black by Rose(2013) 
The Lift(2015) 
Sword of Damocles(2015) 
Ledston Luck(2017) 
The Note(2017) 
The Lock(2019) 
The Death of Jessica Ripley(2019) 
This Side of Death(2020) 

Standalone Novels

The End of Lies(2017)
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