Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor spent his childhood in East Anglia, and got an education at The King’s School, Ely, and Woodbridge School. Taylor was born October 14, 1951. He has worked as a freelance editor for a publisher, librarian, laborer, wages clerk, he built boats, and worked as a teacher. Since the 1980s, he has lived in the Forest of Dean (which is located on the borders of both Wales and England).

His wife works on the books with him, when she is not working as a photographer and artist; she is Caroline Silverwood Taylor. He has written all kinds of stories, for kids, thrillers, historical, essays, and police procedural.

Books in order of publication:

William Dougal Books

Caroline Minuscule(1982) 
Waiting for the End of the World(1984) 
Our Fathers’ Lies(1985) 
An Old School Tie(1986) 
Freelance Death(1987) 
Blood Relation(1990) 
The Sleeping Policeman(1992) 
Odd Man Out(1993) 

Marwood and Lovett Books

The Ashes of London(2016) 
The Fire Court(2018) 
The King’s Evil(2019) 
The Last Protector(2020) 

Bergerac Books

as Andrew Saville

Bergerac is Back!(1985) 
Crimes of the Season(1985) 
Bergerac and the Fatal Weakness(1988) 
Bergerac and the Jersey Rose(1988) 
Bergerac and the Traitor’s Child(1988) 
Bergerac and the Moving Fever(1988) 

Blaines Books

The Second Midnight(1987) 

Lydmouth Books

An Air That Kills(1994) 
The Mortal Sickness(1996) 
The Lover of the Grave(1997) 
The Suffocating Night(1999) 
Where Roses Fade(2000) 
Death’s Own Door(2001) 
Call the Dying(2004) 
Naked to the Hangman(2006) 

Roth Books

The Four Last Things(1997) 
The Judgement of Strangers(1997) 
The Office of the Dead(1999) 

Standalone Novels

Private Nose(1989) 
Double Exposure(1990) 
Raven On the Water(1991) 
Negative Image(1992) 
The Barred Window(1994) 
The Invader(1994) 
The American Boy / An Unpardonable Crime(2003) 
A Stain on the Silence(2006) 
Bleeding Heart Square(2008) 
The Anatomy of Ghosts(2010) 
The Scent of Death(2013) 
The Silent Boy(2014) 

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Leper House(2014) 
The Scratch(2014) 
The Writing House(2016) 
Broken Voices(2017)
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