Ann Cleeves

Ann Cleeves is a British author who is best known for her work with Crime Fiction. She was born in 1954 in England and grew up in the English countryside. She spent her childhood living in Herefordshire until her family moved her to North Devon. Cleeves comes from fairly working class background, as her father was a teacher in a local school. She had a happy and simple childhood.

Her adult life is interesting, as she did not graduate from college immediately as you may expect from a published and acclaimed writer. Her adult life began in quite the opposite way actually as Ann dropped out of University after only a short time. She went on to work in a variety of different jobs, most of which she considered temporary and uninteresting. She was everything from a child-care officer to a women’s refuge leader and she was even the cook in a bird observatory. However, it was not until she eventually decided to go back to college to become a probation officer that she felt she had found her true calling.

Books in order of publication by series:

Palmer-Jones Books

A Bird in the Hand(1986) 
Come Death And High Water(1988) 
Murder In Paradise(1988) 
A Prey To Murder(1989) 
Another Man’s Poison(1992) 
Sea Fever(1993) 
The Mill On The Shore(1994) 
High Island Blues(1996) 

Inspector Ramsay Books

A Lesson In Dying(1990) 
Murder In My Backyard(1991) 
A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy(1992) 
The Healers(1995) 
The Baby Snatcher(1997) 
Vera Stanhope Books

The Crow Trap
Telling Tales(2005) 
Hidden Depths(2007) 
Silent Voices(2010) 
The Glass Room(2012) 
Harbour Street(2014) 
The Moth Catcher(2015) 
The Seagull(2017) 
The Darkest Evening(2020) 

Shetland Island Books

Raven Black(2006) 
White Nights(2008) 
Red Bones(2009) 
Blue Lightning(2010) 
Dead Water(2013) 
Thin Air(2014) 
Too Good To Be True(2016) 
Cold Earth(2016) 
Wild Fire(2018) 

Shetland Island Non-Fiction Books


Two Rivers Books

The Long Call(2019)

Standalone Novels

The Sleeping and the Dead(2001) 
Burial Of Ghosts(2003) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Dreaming of Rain and Peter Lovesey(2016)

Short Story Collections

Bloody Scotland(2017)


The Library Book(2012) 
The Starlings & Other Stories(2015) 
Crime Writers: A Decade of Crime(2016) 
Bloody Scotland(2019)
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