Anne Tyler

Anne Tyler is a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist born on October 1941. With several dozen novels to her name, Anne Tyler has won numerous awards during her writing career, this including the Sunday Times Award and the Ambassador Book Award. Anne’s works place special emphasis on family and marriage in America, and the various conflicts that surround these relationships.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

If Morning Ever Comes(1964) 
The Tin Can Tree(1965) 
A Slipping-Down Life(1969) 
The Clock Winder(1972) 
Celestial Navigation(1974) 
Searching for Caleb(1975) 
Earthly Possessions(1977) 
Morgan’s Passing(1980) 
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant(1982) 
The Accidental Tourist(1985) 
Breathing Lessons(1988) 
Saint Maybe(1991) 
Ladder of Years(1995) 
A Patchwork Planet(1998) 
Back When We Were Grownups(2001) 
The Amateur Marriage(2004) 
Digging to America(2006) 
Noah’s Compass(2009) 
The Beginner’s Goodbye(2012) 
A Spool of Blue Thread(2015) 
Vinegar Girl(2016) 
Clock Dance(2018) 
Redhead by the Side of the Road(2020) 
French Braid (2022)

Picture Books

Tumble Tower(1993) 
Timothy Tugbottom Says No!(2005)
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