Anne Yvonne Gilbert

Anne Yvonne Gilbert is One of the most prolific and acclaimed illustrators practicing today. Her work runs the gamut from children’s book illustrations and postage stamps to posters and record sleeves. The richness of her imagination reflects her lifelong research and interest in the quality of materials and surfaces, from the familiar glint of an embroidered cloak to the soft, unblemished skin of an infant. Her exceptional sense of composition and design, together with her attention to proportion and detail, results in truly sumptuous visual representations of both real and imaginary worlds.

Author website:

Books in order of publication:

Baby’s Book Of Lullabies And Cradle Songs – 1990

Pictura: Anne Yvonne Gilbert’s A Knight’s Journey – 2013

Coloring Knights: Featuring the artwork of celebrated illustrator Anne Yvonne Gilbert – 2014

Pictura 18: English Country Home – 2014

The Red Canoe – 2022

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