Annette B. Natow PH.D. R.D.

Annette B. Natow, Ph.D., C.D.N., and Jo-Ann Heslin, M.A., R.D., C.D.N. are the authors of thirty books on nutrition, including two college textbooks. Both are former faculty members of Adelphi University and the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center. They were the editors of the Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly for 23 years and serve as editorial board members for Environmental Nutrition Newsletter, Vitality, and American Baby Magazine.

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Books in order of publication:

Geriatric Nutrition1980
Nutrition for the Prime of Your Life1983
No Nonsense Nutrition for Kids1985
Megadoses Vit Drgs1985
Nutritional Care of the Older Adult1986
The Cholesterol Counter1988
No-Nonsense Nutrition for Your Baby’s First Year1988
The Fat Counter1989
The Fat Attack Plan1990
The Diabetes Carbohydrate and Calorie Counter1991
Pregnancy Nutrition Counter1992
The Iron Counter1993
The Doll’s House carousel1993
Sodium Counter1993
The Antioxidant Vitamin Counter1994
The Fast Food Nutrition Counter1994
Supermarket Nutrition Counter1995
The Pocket Fat Counter1996
The Protein Counter1997
The Supermarket Nutrition Counter Second Edition1997
The Pocket Protein Counter1997
The Calorie Counter1997
Eating Out Food Counter1998
Count on a Healthy Pregnancy1999
The Most Complete Food Counter1999
The Carbohydrate, Fiber, and Sugar Counter1999
The Food Shopping Counter1999
Calcium Counts2000
The Complete Food Counter2002
The Healthy Heart Food Counter2002
Get Skinny the Smart Way: Your Personalized Weight Attack Plan2002
The Vitamin and Mineral Food Counter2004
The Ultimate Carbohydrate Counter2004
The Healthy Wholefoods Counter2007
The Calorie Counter2007
The Most Complete Food Counter: 2nd Edition2011
The Fat Counter: 7th Edition2015
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