Aubrey Hadley

Aubrey Hadley has always loved two things in life: words and design. In 2005, she put writing to the side (she wasn’t sure if she was any good at it) and moved from her hometown of Sparks, Nevada to San Francisco, California to focus on a career in Human Interface Design. In 2012 — after working in the Tech Industry for a while — she decided to get back into writing and began her first novel, Glow: Book I, Potency.

During the writing of her book, she took a weekend class and came up with the rough draft of her short story Two Golden Keys. While still working full time,she slowly perfected both stories over nights and weekends.

Aubrey uses her love of design to build the worlds within her stories; sketching and creating concepts that would be aesthetically pleasing and functional if they were to exist in real life. She finished Glow in 2020, after seven long years of telling herself she would be done in only three more months if she kept at it. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, because most of the time her two awesome rescue dogs were snoozing by her side.

Aubrey designs all of her covers and most of her promotional materials having to do with her writing.

Aubrey is now in the process of writing the second novel in the Glow series and has another short story in the works, which she hopes to publish through Amazon soon.

Books in order of publication:

Two Golden Keys2017
The Glow (Glow # 1)2020
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