Below is a list of select authors, the books they have written and where available YouTube interviews. This list is updated daily. Click thru the link and find out more about each author.

John S. C. Abbott

Douglas Adams

Andrew Adonis

Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir

Gregory Afinogenov

Ravi Agrawal

Geyata Ajilvsgi

Jean-Pierre Alaux

Susan Wittig Albert


Lloyd Alexander

Tasha Alexander

Svetlana Alexievich

Fernando Cervantes Allen

Sarah Addison Allen

Woody Allen

Isabel Allende

Margery Allingham

Susan Allot

Kingsley Amis

George Anders

Dan Anderson

Darran Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson

Maya Angelou

Jessica Anthony

Anne Applebaum

Darrell Apps

Zaina Arafat

Rick Archbold

Jeffrey Archer

Bob Arnebeck

Jonathan Asche

Mike Ashley

Isaac Asimov

Don Aslett

Anders Aslund

Lucy Atkins

Dr. Robert C. Atkins

Dean Atta

Marcus Aurelius

Shalom Auslander

Jane Austen

Elma W. Baggs

A. J. Baime

Lisa Balabanlilar

David Baldacci

James Baldwin

Amy C. Balfour

Edward Ball

Lynn Reid Banks

Pat Barker

Diane Barnet

Sam Barone

Damian Barr

Judi Barrett

Judy Barrett

Kevin Barry

Sebastian Barry

Graeme Rowland Base

Laura Bates

W. Jackson Bates

Sara Baume

Bruce Bawer

Stephen Baxter

Dame Winifred Mary Beard

Paul Beatty

Henry Charlton Beck

Holly Tierney Bedford

Christopher Beha

Paul Behrens

Larry Beinhart

Albert A. Bell Jr.

Robert N. Bellah

Catherine Belton

Brit Bennett

Christopher L. Bennett

Claire-Louise Bennett

Laurien Berenson

A. Scott Berg

Peter Bergen

Thomas Berger

Peter Berkery

Louise Bernikow

Daryl Beyers

Maeve Binchy

John Birdsall

Benjamin Black

Cara Black

Richard Blake

Robert Blake

Timothy C. W. Blanning

James Blish

Benson Bobrick

Fergus Bordewich

John Boswell

Gary Bowen

John Boyne

Leigh Brackett

Ray Bradbury

Gillian Bradshaw

Oyinkan Braithwaite

Perry Brass

Fernand Braudel

Rutger Bregman

Jan Brett

Mark Bricklin

C. C. Bridges

Vera Brittain

Adrienne Maree Brown

Anthony Cave Brown

Vincent Brown

John M. Bryson

Kurt Brungardt

Pearl S. Buck

Fiona Buckley

Anthony Burgess

Tom Burgis

James Lee Burke

Nicole Johnsey Burke

Trevor Burnard

Anna Burns

William S. Burroughs

Ian Buruma

Jim Butcher

Daniel Allen Butler

David Butler

Octavia E. Butler

Robert Olen Butler

Max Byrd

Lucy Sweeny Byrne

Shaun Bythell

Geoffrey Cain

Carmen Callil

Adolfo Caminha

Andrea Camilleri

John Campbell

John L. Campbell

Tracy Campbell

Robert Capon

Jay Cardam

Anna Carey

Mike Carey

Eric Carle

Kate Carlisle

John Carlson

Kim Carlson

Dana Carpender

Emmanuel Carrere

Jan Carson

Charlotte Carter

Mary Randolph Carter

Zachary D. Carter

Paul Cartledge

Anne Case

Jane Casey

Anna Castle

Lord David Cecil

Javier Cercas

Eric Cervini

Michael Chabon

S. A. Chakraborty

Becky Chambers

Jung Chang

Raymond Chandler

Susannah Charlton

Ronald Chernow

Andrei Cherny

Charles Chessire

Lewis Chester

Ted Chiang

Julia Child

Agatha Christie

Casey Christie

Sir Winston S. Churchill

Liu Cixin

Sarah Clancy

Don Clark (psychologist)

Mary Higgins Clark

Arthur C. Clarke

Richard A. Clarke

Susanna Clarke

Pearl Cleage

Chanel Cleeton

Ann Cleeves

Elisabeth Stephanie Clemens

Ernest Cline

Stanley Cloud

Ta Nehisi Coates

Michael D. Coe

Margaret Coel

Paulo Coelho

Adam Cohen

Shaye J.D. Cohen

Eoin Colfer

Iris Collier

Joan Collins

Suzanne Collins

Robert Colton

Tara Conklin

Evan S. Connell

John Connell

John A. Connell

Michael Connelly

John Connolly

Frank Conroy

Storm Constantine

Simon Conway

Brittney Cooper

Elisha Cooper

Susan Cooper

Charles Townsend Copeland

Corey S. A. Corey

Shawna Coronado

Kia Corthron

S. A. Cosby

Colin Cotterill

Danny O. Coulson

Catherine Coulter

Anna Cox

Michael Craft

Robert Crais

Edward Crankshaw

Ben Creed

Michael Crichton

Sarah Crossan

John Crowley

Roger Crowley

Rosayra Pablo Cruz

Helen Cullen

David Culp

Charles Cumming

Laura Cumming

E. E. Cummings

Jeanine Cummins

Michael Cunningham

George William Curtis

Clive Cussler

Brian D’Amato

Emma Dabiri

Roald Dahl

Glyn Daniel

Hjalit Danielsson

Abi Dare

Megan Daum

Fiona Davis

Lindsey Davis

Martha Day

Will Dean

Dr. Joy DeGruy

Frank Delaney

Bruno Delmar

Samuel R. Delany

Carl Dellatore

Barbara Demick

Patrick Dennis

Tomie dePaola

Virginie Despentes

Colin Dexter

Anita Diamant

Harvey Diamond

Marilyn Diamond

Kate DiCamillo

Charles Dickens

Benjamin Disraeli

Tony Diterlizzi

Negar Djavadi

Liz Dobbs

Paul Doherty

Naoise Dolan

Stephen R. Donaldson

Stephanie Donaldson

Sara Donati

Ed Douglas

Ruth Downie

Taylor Downing

Arthur Conan Doyle

Gardner Dozois

Robert Drake

Rod Dreher

Dr. Froswa Booker Drew

Allen Drury

Andres Duany

Martin Duberman

Steve Dublanica

W.E.B. du Bois

Georges Duby

Paul Dull

Daphne Du Maurier

Daisy Dunn

Susan Dunn

Will Durant

Laurence Durrell

Martin Dyar

Michael Eric Dyson

P. D. Eastman

Ric Edelman

Alex Edmans

Esi Edugyan

Ronni Eisenberg

Alice M. Ekert-Rotholz

Joseph Elder

John Ellis

Lindsay Ellis

Harlan Ellison

James Ellroy

P.N. Elrod

Akwaeke Emezi

Eric Emory

Debra Englander

Nora Ephron

Laura Esquivel

Nicholas Evans

Bernardine Evaristo

Max Exander

Scott Eyman

Kay Fairfax

Vanessa Farquharson

Caroline E. Farrell

David Fell

David Feinberg

Elaine Feeney

R. D. Fenwick

Elena Ferrante

Robert Ferrell

Robert Ferro

Jasper Fforde

Joseph Finder

Jack Finney

Marino Fiorato

Carrie Fisher

Noel Riley Fitch

Eleanor Fitzsimmons

Andrew Flack – teaching fellow at University of Bristol

Nicole Flattery

Emma Flint

Eric Flint

Vince Flynn

Ken Follett

Richard Ford

Sonny Ford

Amanda Foreman

Ben Forkner

E. M. Forster

Frederick Forsyth

Alan Dean Foster

Grant Foster

Robin Lane Fox

Austin Foxxe

Dorothea Benton Frank

Thomas Carr Frank

Henri Frankfurt

Benjamin Franklin

Jonathan Franzen

George MacDonald Fraser

Mariah Fredericks

Mike Freedman

Nicolas Freeling

Tana French

Carl Frey

Bruce J. Friedman

Thomas L. Friedman

Paul French

Francoise Frenkel

Patrick Freyne

Hannah Fry

Alan Furst

Diana Gabaldon

Neil Gaiman

Robert Galbraith

Michelle Gallen

David Galloway

Josef Garlinski

Pascal Garnier

Howard Garrett

Roxanne Gay

Deno John Geanakoplos

David Gerrold

Alexander Galant

Garet Garrett

Gilbert Gaul

Christin Geall

Kathleen O’Neal Gear

Pauline Gedge

Jean Craighead George

Jacques Gernet

Masha Gessen

Kim Ghattas

Doireann Ni Ghriofa

William Gibson

Martin Gilbert

Ruth Gilligan

Dan Gill

David Gilman

Jon Giswold

Judy Glattstein

Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Sinead Gleeson

Anne Glenconner

Daniel Godfrey

Dore Gold

Arthur Golden

Ken Goldberg

Ken Goldberg MD

Ken Goldberg PHD

Nicola Maye Goldberg

Stephen Goldstone MD

Adam Gollner

Brad Gooch

John Gooch

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Kathleen Goonan

Jack Gordon

John Gordon

Christopher C. W. Gortner

Stephanie Gorton

Jane Gottlieb

Radhika Govindrajan

Sue Grafton

Reyna Grande

Robert Granit

Jesse Grant

Michael Grant – YA & Fantasy books

Michael Grant – Classisist

Victoria de Grazia

Hank Green

Andy Greenberg

Harlan Greene

Ben Greenman

Kerry Greenwood

Andrew Sean Greer

Germaine Greer

Rebecca Greer

Miriam T. Griffin

John Grigg

Martha Grimes

John Grisham

Dale Groom

Elgin Groseclose

Kim Johnson Gross

Lauren Groveman

Michael Grumley

Thomas Gryta

Jeanne S. Guerra

James E. Gunn

Heather Gunter

Yaa Gyasi

General Sir John Hackett

Anthony Haden-Guest

Aubrey Hadley

Matt Haig

Rachel Howzell Hall

Tony Hall – Kew Gardens

Timothy Hallinan

Patrick Hamilton

Peter F. Hamilton

Joshua Hammer

Lotte Hammer

Soren Hammer

Dashiell Hammett

Leah Hampton

Mikiso Hane

Lauren Haney

Charles J. Hanley

Sophie Hannah

Brooks Hansen

Joseph Hansen

Valerie Hansen – historian

Luke Harding

Thomas Hardy

Jane Harper

E. Lynn Harris

Robert Harris

Don Harrison

Harry Harrison

Elsa Hart

Aidan Hartley

David G. Hartwell

C. J. Hauser

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sudhir Hazareesingh

Shirley Hazzard

Seamus Heaney

Marcus Hearn

Paddy Heazell

Robert A. Heinlein

Waldo Heinrichs

Shad Helmstetter

Ernest Hemingway

Sophie Henaff

Zenna Henderson

Kevin Henkes

Frank Herbert

Gerhard Herm

Greg Herren

Judith Herrin

Noreena Hertz

D. G. Hessayon

W. L. Hesse

Ronin Hessin

Ben Hewitt

Sean Hewitt

David Hewson

Stephen Heyman

Carl Hiaassen

Christopher Hibbert

Christine Dwyer Hickey

Yokoyama Hideo

Murray Hiebert

Adrian Higgins

Madalene Hill

Marion Moore Hill

Susan Hill

Tony Hillerman

Charles Hix

Russell Hoban

Robin Hobb

Barbara Hobson

Laura Hobson

Fred P. Hochberg

Peter Hoffman

James Hogan

Linda Hogan

William Hogeland

Chan Ho-Kei

Ryan Holiday

Andrew Holleran

Alan Hollingsworth

Kay Hooper

H. M. Hoover

Thomas Hoover

Briallen Hopper

Anthony Horowitz

Richard Horton

Khaled Hosseini

Catherine Ryan Howard

Elizabeth Jane Howard

Robert E. Howard

Anthony Horowitz

Charles O. Hucker

Caoilinn Hughes

Robert Hughes

Harry Hunsicker

Sally N. Hunt

Claire Hunter

H. Montgomery Hyde

Pyun Hye-young

Laila Ibrahim

David Ignatius

Debra Jo Immergut

Rick Imes

Steve Inskeep

Howard S. Irwin

John Irving

Rik Isensee

Christopher Isherwood

Katja Ivar

Molly Ivins

Douglas Jackson

Lee Jackson – American Author

Lee Jackson – British Author

Christian Jacq

Brian Jacques

Clive James

P.D. James

John Frederick Thomas Jane

Francine Jay

Jon Jeffrey

Gertrude Jekyll

Beverly Jenkins

You-Jeong Jeong

Jennifer Jewell

Paulette Jiles

Craig Johnson

Toby Johnson

Will Johnson

Dan Jones

Diana Wynne Jones

R. V. Jones

Robert Jones Jr.

Tayari Jones

Tracy James Jones

Peniel E. Joseph

Richard Kadrey

Albert Kahn

Vaseem Khan

Linda and Bob Kalian

Khalid Kalifa


Anthony Kamm

Ray Kampf

John Kampfner

Arnie Kantrowitz

Stanley Karnow

Jan Karon

Catherine Grace Katz

Roz Kaveney

Mieko Kawakami

M.M. Kaye

Mary Beth Keane

Ezra Jack Keats

Mel Keegan

Daniel Kehlmann

Garrison Keillor

LeeAnna Keith

Judith Kelman

Walter Kempowski

Sarah Kendzior

Thomas Keneally

Joe Kennan

Girard Kent

Kay Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Katherine Kerr

William C. Ketchum Jr.

Marian Keyes

Raymound Khoury

Charles P. Kindleberger

Crystal King

Laurie R. King

R. L. King

Stephen King

Barbara Kingsolver

J. Allen Kirsch

David Klass

Matthew Klein

Damon Knight

David Koepp

Dani Kollin

Dean Koontz

Mary Robinette Kowal

Sarah Kozloff

Jack Kramer

Clifford Krauss

R. F. Kuang

Adam Kucharski

Dave Kuehls

Peter Kukielski

Hari Kunzru

Charles Kurtz

Harold S. Kushner

Katherine Kurtz

Kevin Kwan

Adrienne LaCava

Catherine Lacey

Olivia Laing

John Lanchester

Darrel T. Langart

J. L. Langley

Joe R. Lansdale

Josh Lanyon

Steig Larsson

James Lasdun

Keith Laumer

Douglas Laux

Stephen R. Lawhead

Caroline Lawerence

Starling Lawrence

David Leavitt

Adam Lebor

John Le Carre

Jeffrey Lee

Min Jin Lee

Ursula K. Le Guin

John Lehman

David Leitch

Sanae Lemonie

Madeleine L’Engle

Donna Leon

Christopher Leonard

George Lester

Jean Levi

Deborah Levy

C. S. Lewis

Lynette Lezzoni

Yiyun Li

Martin Limon

W. Bruce Lincoln

Michael Lind

Leo Lionni

Laura Lippman

Xiaoyuan Liu

Morgan Llywelyn

Tom Lobianco

Sandra Tsing Loh

Bjorn Lomborg

M. L. Longworth

David Thomas Lord

Walter Lord

Jean Lorrah

Melissa Scrivner Love

Ann Lovejoy

Peter Lovesey

Michael Lowenthal

Lois Lowry

Johnathan Lowy

Sam Lundwall

Jonathan Lynn

Bruce MacBain

Betty MacDonald

Dara McAnulty

Anne McCaffrey

Alexander McCall Smith

Cormac MacCarthy

Colleen McCullough

David McCullough

Val McDermid

Lyn McDonald

Michael McDowell

Ian McEwan

Michael McGarrity

Brian McGilloway

James McGregor

Peter McHoy

William Mcilvanney

Sinclair McKay

Robin McKinley

Ron McLarty

Christian McLaughlin

Danielle McLaughlin

Emma McLaughlin

Bernard Maclaverty

Neil B. McLynn

Jeffrey McMahan

Alan McMonagle

Donald E. McQuinn

Dervia McTiernan

Helen Macdonald

Ross MacDonald

Robert Macfarlane

Tim MacGabhann

David Mack

Frances Macken

Deborah MacKenzie

Charlie Mackesy

Sophie Mackintosh

Kenneth John Macksey

Arthur J. Magida

Kay Maguire

Nancy Mairs

Xavier de Maistre

Arjun Makhijani

Laetitia Maklouf

Josh Malerman

Emily St. John Mandel

Cyril Mango

Henning Mankell

Ted Mann

Kate Manne

Hilary Mantel

Phillip Margolin

Kate Markert

Francine Maroukian

Justin Marozzi

Alice Goldfarb Marquis

Ken Marschall

Judith Martin

Ricky Martin

Bobbie Ann Mason

Melvin Rosser Mason

Philip Mason

Philip P. Mason

Sujata Massey

Robert K. Massie

Brian Mathew

Garrett Mattingly

Mike Mattus

Armistead Maupin

Sally Mavor

Joachim Mayer

Frances Mayes

Ashley Mears

Wayne Meeks

Annamarie Meintjes

Hermann Melville

H. L. Mencken

Maaza Mengiste

Joseph Menn

Daphne Merkin

Suketu Metha

Deon Meyer

Stephenie Meyer

Sean Michael

David Michaelis

Grant Michaels

Robert Middlekauf

China Mieville

Alan Mikhail

Gordon Miller

John C. Miller

Denise Mina

D. A. Mishani

Yukio Mishima

Pankaj Mishra

Rohinton Mistry

David Mitchell

Kirk Mitchell

Patrick Modiano

Albert Mohler

Paul Monette

Albert Hodges Morehead

Jacqueline Moriarty

Sheridan Morley

Alan Moore

Susanna Moore

Edmund Morris

Evan Morris

Toni Morrison

Di Morrissey

Christopher Moore

Graham Moore

Sinead Moriarty

Bradford Morrow

James K. Morrow

John Mortimer

Ottessa Mosh

Walter Mosley

Sarah Moss

Wes Muchmore

Haruki Murakami

Sayaka Murata

Pat Murphy