Below is a list of select authors, the books they have written and where available YouTube interviews. This list is updated weekly.

John S. C. Abbott

Douglas Adams

Sarah Addison Allen

Isabel Allende

Margery Allingham

Dan Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson

Maya Angelou

Jeffrey Archer

Bob Arnebeck

Jonathan Asche

Mike Ashley

Isaac Asimov

Dr. Robert C. Atkins

Jane Austen

David Baldacci

Amy C. Balfour

Sam Barone

Judy Barrett

Henry Charlton Beck

Holly Tierney Bedford

Albert A. Bell Jr.

Peter Bergen

Peter Berkery

Richard Blake

Robert Blake

Benson Bobrick

Perry Brass

Kurt Brungardt

Fiona Buckley

William S. Burroughs

Jim Butcher

Daniel Allen Butler

David Butler

Robert Olen Butler

Adolfo Caminha

Andrea Camilleri

Robert Capon

Kate Carlisle

Anna Castle

Lord David Cecil

Raymond Chandler

Ronald Chernow

Agatha Christie

Sir Winston S. Churchill

Arthur C. Clarke

Ernest Cline

Margaret Coel

Eoin Colfer

Iris Collier

Robert Colton

Tara Conklin

Michael Connelly

Storm Constantine

Colin Cotterill

Clive Cussler

Brian D’Amato

Lindsey Davis

Frank Delaney

Anita Diamant

Benjamin Disraeli

Paul Doherty

Stephen R. Donaldson

Arthur Conan Doyle

Gardner Dozois

Robert Drake

Andres Duany

Martin Duberman

Steve Dublanica

Georges Duby

Paul Dull

Daphne Du Maurier

Will Durant

Ric Edelman

Alice M. Ekert-Rotholz

John Ellis

P.N. Elrod

Debra Englander

David Feinberg

Robert Ferrell

Jasper Fforde

Jack Finney

Marino Fiorato

Noel Riley Fitch

Eric Flint

E. M. Forster

Frederick Forsyth

Alan Dean Foster

Dorothea Benton Frank

Henri Frankfurt

Jonathan Franzen

Paul French

Alan Furst

Neil Gaiman

Josef Garlinski

Howard Garrett

Deno John Geanakoplos

David Gerrold

Alexander Galant

Kathleen O’Neal Gear

Martin Gilbert

Daniel Godfrey

Dore Gold

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Christopher C. W. Gortner

Jane Gottlieb

Sue Grafton

Reyna Grande

Robert Granit

Kerry Greenwood

John Grigg

Anthony Haden-Guest

Timothy Hallinan

Dashiell Hammett

Brooks Hansen

Don Harrison

Robert A. Heinlein

Greg Herren

W. L. Hesse

Ben Hewitt

Barbara Hobson

Laura Hobson

James Hogan

Linda Hogan

Andrew Holleran

Alan Hollingsworth

H. M. Hoover

Thomas Hoover

Khaled Hosseini

Robert E. Howard

Harry Hunsicker

David Ignatius

Rick Imes

Steve Inskeep

Molly Ivins

Christian Jacq

P.D. James

Francine Jay

Jon Jeffrey

Tracy James Jones

Anthony Kamm

Stanley Karnow

Jan Karon

Roz Kaveney

Girard Kent

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Raymound Khoury

Barbara Kingsolver

J. Allen Kirsch

Dave Kuehls

Adrienne LaCava

Steig Larsson

Keith Laumer

Douglas Laux

David Leavitt

Donna Leon

Morgan Llywelyn

Walter Lord

Johnathan Lowy

Alexander McCall Smith

Colleen McCullough

David McCullough

James McGregor

Emma McLaughlin

Kenneth John Macksey

Kay Maguire

Sujata Massey

Garrett Mattingly

Armistead Maupin

Frances Mayes

H. L. Mencken

Sean Michael

John C. Miller

Paul Monette

Edmund Morris

Di Morrissey

James K. Morrow

Walter Mosley

Haruki Murakami