Barbara Ciletti

Barbara Ciletti was born on 11 May 1950 in Washington, Pennsylvania, United States. She is a daughter of a barber Leonard and Carmela (Caputo) Ciletti.

Barbara Ciletti is an American writer. She is known for her cookbooks and nonfiction children’s books. 

In 1982-1990 Barbara Ciletti worked as a publisher and editor in chief at Bookmakers Guild in Denver, Colorado, United States. During 1991-1995 she had been working as a marketing director at Interweave Press in Loveland, Colorado, United States. In 1991 she founded her own book and magazine development company, Odyssey Books in Longmont, Colorado, United States.

Books in order of publication:

The Pepper Harvest Cookbook – 1998

The Onion Harvest Cookbook – 1998

Creative Pickling: Salsas, Chutneys, Sauces & Preserves for Today’s Adventurous Cook 2000

Making Great Cheese: 30 Simple Recipes from Cheddar to Chevre Plus 18 Special Cheese Dishes – 2000

I Want It All! 2006

Invasive Species Takeover – 2017

Northern Snake Heads – 2017

Burmese Pythons – 2017

Cane Toads – 2017

Asian Carp – 2017

Roundworms – 2017

Malaria Parasites -2017

Tapeworms – 2017

Sashiko – 2022

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