Barbara Samuel / Barbara O’Neal / Ruth Wind

Author Barbara was born in the year 1959. She writes under different pen names, such as: Ruth Wind and Barbara O’Neal.

Barbara fell in love with the secret language of spoons and restaurants when she was just sixteen years old. She spent over a decade in different restaurants, from high cuisine to dives to cafes, before she sold her first novel.

O’Neal teaches workshops nationally and internationally, and she lives in Colorado Springs with her partner, a British endurance athlete.

Barbara is an avid cook, traveler, and photographer, and keeps a log of recipes, photos, and travels at A Writer Afoot, a place where she will also post about writing advice.

She has won seven RITA awards, and in the year 2012, she was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame. Her work has won Favorite Book of the Year from Romance Writers of America, the Colorado Center for the Book Award (two times), and the Library Journal’s list of Best Genre Fiction of the year, as well as others.

Her work has been published in countries, such as: Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Australia/New Zealand, and Brazil.

“The Black Angel” is the first novel in the “St. Ives” series and was released in the year 1999. A Taste of Heaven. Ardor is what foolishly led Lady Adriana St. Ives into a rake’s arms, which was an affair that cost her all that she held dear. Even though this was five years ago, this golden English beauty still says that no guy is ever going to ignite the sensual passion that hides deep in her soul. Not even Tynan Spenser, her new husband and the Earl of Glencove, who is a rich Irish rogue and darkly handsome.

Tynan, who is known as “The Black Angel” for all of his lascivious and wild ways, is just as determined to melt his icy bride as she is in resisting his seductive charms. Vowing that she is going to be his in only one hundred kisses, he sets out to win her with just a single kiss per day. It is a challenge that Riana is certain she will be able to withstand. The willful beauty has got no idea about the power of just one kiss.

Readers enjoyed this one, finding the story to be rock solid and the writing to be beautiful. Tynan Spenser is an adorable hero and Adriana is a superb heroine, together they are are simply fantastic.

“Night of Fire” is the second novel in the “St. Ives” series and was released in the year 2000. Ever since Lady Cassandra St. Ives became a happy widow, she swore off marriage. Lately, however, her affections have become engaged by a long distance and mysterious correspondent. Cassandra has shared her soul with her far-off admirer, and he invites her to come visit his home, which she gladly accepts. Cassandra, who expects a kindly gentleman, is shocked to find that Count Basilio Montevarchi is a virile guy in his prime that knows the most intimate desires of her heart and is just too willing to fulfill each and every one.

The moment he sets eyes on this vibrant beauty he sees a soul mate that he will never be able to claim as his. A long standing betrothal, as well as the honor of his family, dictate that Basilio has to deny himself the love Cassandra offers. Still they are unable to deny the strong force of their passion until the confines of responsibility finally drive the two apart. Basilio now has to find a way to keep his heart’s desire, before losing her forever.

The book has an intense and beautiful romance in it. Once again, Barbara Samuel is able to make you feel the same exact emotions as her characters, and gives each of her characters honest, real, and genuine reasons to be in love with each other.

“A Bed of Spices” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 1993. Dangerous Times, Irresistible Longings. Frederica der Esslingen fled from her dad’s castle to the herbalist’s cottage, and vowed that she would never marry the guy her twin sister loved, giving in to her dad’s wishes. Another guy, a stranger that was forbidden to her, touched her soul. A guy that listened when she spoke, a guy with clever lips and a tumble of black curls. He understood her searching and bold heart. However, he was denied her forever.

Solomon and Rica met each other by chance at the herbalist’s cottage and they fell in love despite the divisions of expectations, religion, and class. How will they be able to find a happy ending with all things that are stacked against them?

Readers found themselves feeling exactly what these two excellent main characters were feeling, falling in love, aching, and finally rejoicing alongside them.

“A Winter Ballad” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 1994. A Fair Maiden. Anya of Winterbourne had only suffered humiliation at the hands of men. Yet when she found a fallen knight in the still winter forest, she could not just leave him to die.

A Noble Knight

Christian de Moreerx, who was hunted by assassins and tired from battle, would like nothing more than just to stay at Winterbourne and champion the beleaguered and elusive Lady Anya. His past had a secret in it that he was supposed to decipher if he meant to continue living, and his presence would most likely just bring more disaster to the manor.

A Great and Dangerous Game

This is a beautifully written story, one that reflects the time period and brings this period to life. Readers liked both of the main characters, finding that Anya is strong and determined and Christian is sexy and honorable. Readers like the way Barbara is able to tell deeply emotional love stories that are equal parts sensual and sweet. The book is a joy to read that is sweet with some suspense and adventure mixed in.

Books in order of publication by series:

Red Creek Brothers Books

Marriage Material(1997) 
Her Ideal Man(1997) 
Beautiful Stranger(2000) 

Men of the Land Books

Meant to Be Married(1998) 
Rio Grande Wedding(1999) 

St. Ives Family Books

The Black Angel(1999) 
Night of Fire(2000) 

Sisters of the Mountain Books

Juliet’s Law(2006) 
Desi’s Rescue(2007) 
Miranda’s Revenge(2007) 

Standalone Novels

Strangers on a Train(1989) 
Summer’s Freedom(1990) 
Light of Day(1990) 
A Minute to Smile(1992) 
Jezebel’s Blues(1992) 
A Bed of Spices(1993) 
Walk in Beauty(1994) 
Breaking the Rules(1994) 
A Winter Ballad(1994) 
The Last Chance Ranch(1995) 
Lucien’s Fall(1995) 
Dancing Moon(1996) 
Heart of a Knight(1997) 
For Christmas, Forever(1998) 
In the Midnight Rain(2000) 
No Place Like Home(2002) 
A Piece of Heaven(2003) 
The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue(2004) 
Lady Luck’s Map of Vegas(2005) 
The Diamond Secret(2006) 
Madame Mirabou’s School of Love(2006) 
The Lost Recipe for Happiness(2008) 
The Secret of Everything(2009) 
How to Bake a Perfect Life(2010) 
The Garden of Happy Endings(2012) 
The Sleeping Night(2012) 
The All You Can Dream Buffet(2014) 
Lady Luck’s Map of Vegas(2014) 
No Place Like Home(2014) 
A Piece of Heaven(2014) 
The Scent of Hours(2014) 
The Art of Inheriting Secrets(2018) 
When We Believed in Mermaids(2019) 

Short Stories/Novellas

The True Story of Mattie Groves(2013) 
Dog Heart(2013) 
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