Ben and Roxy Dawson

In the early spring of 2017, Roxy and Ben Dawson quit their full-time office jobs to hit the road.

Their work as outdoor writers, photographers, and videographers has taken them from the rolling and peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains, through the tranquil and rugged peaks of the Canadian Rockies, and right up to the Pacific Ocean, parking on moody overlooks and below towering redwoods.

Through the course of their work, they have had a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the modern nomadic culture. Ben and Roxy hold van life talks and info sessions all over the country. Ben and Roxy share their adventures on social media, their personal website, and through partnerships with Elevation Outdoors and Blue Ridge Outdoors. They live on the road and in Denver, Colorado.

Published book:

The Falcon Guide To Van Life: Every Essential For Nomadic Adventures – 2021

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