Ben Forkner

A retired professor of English, Ben Forkner has published three books on Audubon: John James Audubon: Journaux et Récits; John James Audubon: Selected Journals and Other Writings; and John James Audubon Portfolio. He has also published Louisiana Stories, Cajun, and a dozen books on writers of Ireland and the American South.

Stories of the Modern South1977
Modern Irish Short Stories1980
A Modern Southern Reader: Major Stories, Drama, Poetry, Essays, Interviews, and Reminiscences from the Twentieth-Century South1986
New Book of Dubliners (Modern Fiction)1988
Stories of the Old South1989
Louisiana Stories1990
Georgia Stories: Major Georgia Short Fiction of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries1990
A New Reader of the Old South: Major Stories, Tales, Slave Narratives, Diaries, Travelogues, Poetry and Songs, 1820-19201991
Audubon: Selected Journals and Other Writings1996
Audubon on Louisiana: Selected Writings of John James Audubon2018
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