Ben Macintyre

Ben Macintyre is a British author that has garnered a reputation for his articles on current affairs in publications like The Times Newspaper.

Ben Macintyre was born in 1963 to Angus Macintyre. Ben always prided himself on having very deep roots in Britain, what with his grandfather being associated with the King’s Hussars and his grandmother tracing her lineage to Viscount Netterville.

His career took him to Paris, New York, and Washington as he dipped into Current Affairs and dissected the issue of the times.

Books in order of publication:

Non-Fiction Books

Forgotten Fatherland(1992) 
The Napoleon of Crime(1997) 
A Foreign Field(2001) 
The Englishman’s Daughter(2001) 
The Man Who Would Be King(2004) 
Agent Zigzag(2007) 
For Your Eyes Only(2008) 
The Last Word(2009) 
Operation Mincemeat(2010) 
Double Cross(2012) 
A Spy Among Friends(2014) 
Rogue Heroes(2016) 
The Spy and the Traitor(2018) 
Agent Sonya(2020) 
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