Ben Okri

Ben Okri is a novelist, screenplay writer, essayist, anthologist, short story writer, and poet, and was born in Nigeria on March 15, 1959. Ben is a member of the Urhobo people, since his dad (named Silver) was Urhobo, and his mom (named Grace) was half-Igbo.  He spent his childhood growing up in London, attending primary school in Peckham, before he returned to Nigeria in the year 1968 with his family.

Ben’s exposure to the Nigerian civil war and the culture that his peers of the time claimed to have seen visions of spirits gave him some inspiration while writing fiction.

Books in order of publication:
Famished Road Trilogy Books

The Famished Road(1991) 
Songs of Enchantment(1993) 
Infinite Riches(1998) 

Standalone Novels

The Landscapes Within(1981) 
Incidents at the Shrine(1987) 
Flowers and Shadows(1989) 
Astonishing the Gods(1995) 
Birds of Heaven(1995) 
Dangerous Love(1996) 
A Way of Being Free(1998) 
Alfredo Jaar(1999) 
Mental Fight(1999) 
In Arcadia(2002) 
Tales of Freedom(2009) 
The Freedom Artist(2019) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Age Of Magic(2020)

Publication Order of Children’s Books

Every Leaf a Hallelujah (With: )(2021)


Changing Destiny(2021)


Stars of the New Curfew(1988) 
An African Elegy(1992) 
The Magic Lamp(2017) 
Rise Like Lions(2018) 
The Comic Destiny(2019) 
A Prayer for the Living(2019) 
A Fire in My Head(2021) 

Non-Fiction Books

A Time for New Dreams(2011) 
The Mystery Feast(2015) 
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