Benjamin Myers

Benjamin Myers was born in Durham, UK, in 1976.

He is an award-winning author and journalist. His first short story collection, Male Tears, will be published by Bloomsbury in 2021.

His novel The Offing was published by Bloomsbury in 2019 and is a best-seller in Germany. It was serialised by Radio 4’s Book At Bedtime and Radio 2 Book club choice. It is being developed for stage and has been optioned for film.

The non-fiction book Under The Rock, was shortlisted for The Portico Prize For Literature in 2020.

Recipient of the Roger Deakin Award and first published by Bluemoose Books, Myers’ novel The Gallows Pole was published to acclaim in 2017 and was winner of the Walter Scott Prize 2018 – the world’s largest prize for historical fiction. It has been published in the US by Third Man Books and is currently in development for screen adaptation.

Books in order of publication:


  • The Book of Fuck (Wrecking Ball Press, 2004)
  • Richard: A Novel (Picador, 2010)
  • Pig Iron (Bluemoose, 2012. Bloomsbury, 2019)
  • Beastings (Bluemoose, 2014. Bloomsbury, 2019)
  • The Gallows Pole (Bluemoose, 2017. Bloomsbury, 2019)
  • The Offing (Bloomsbury, 2019)
  • The Perfect Golden Circle (Bloomsbury, 2022)

Short Stories

  • Male Tears (Bloomsbury, 2021)

Crime fiction

  • Turning Blue (Moth/Mayfly, 2016. Bloomsbury, 2022)
  • These Darkening Days (Moth/Mayfly, 2017. Bloomsbury, 2022)

Short fiction

  • The Whip Hand (Tangerine Press, 2018). Short story (Signed/limited edition handsewn chapbook)
  • Snorri & Frosti (Galley Beggar Press / 3:AM Press, 2013). Novella (limited edition paperback and Ebook)


  • American Heretics: Rebel Voices In Music (Codex, 2002)
  • Under The Rock (Elliott & Thompson, 2018)


  • I, Axl: An American Dream (online only, 2008–2009)
  • Spam: Email Inspired Poems (Blackheath, 2008)
  • Nowhere Fast (co-written with Tony O’Neill and Adelle Stripe (Captains Of Industry, 2008)
  • The Raven of Jórvíkshire (Tangerine Press, 2017)
  • Heathcliff Adrift (New Writing North, 2014. Reissued 2018)
  • The Offing: Poems by Romy Landau (Bloomsbury/Tangerine Press, 2019)
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