Benjamin T Smith

Benjamin T. Smith has been writing about the history of Mexico for twenty years. He now specializes on twentieth-century politics, the narcotics trade and crime. But he has also researched and written about indigenous politics, Catholicism, conservatism, newspapers, journalism, and censorship. He occasionally appears on TV or radio to talk about these subjects.

Books in order of publication:

Pistoleros and Popular Movements: The Politics of State Formation in Postrevolutionary Oaxaca – 2009

The Roots of Conservatism in Mexico: Catholicism, Society, and Politics in the Mixteca Baja, 1750-1962 – 2012

The Mexican Press and Civil Society, 1940–1976: Stories from the Newsroom, Stories from the Street – 2018

Journalism, Satire, and Censorship in Mexico – 2018

The Dope: The Real History of the Mexican Drug Trade – 2021

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