Bob Proehl

Author Bob Proehl grew up in Buffalo, New York, where Queen City Bookstore was his local comics shop.

Bob has worked as a record store owner, a bookseller and a programming director for Buffalo Street Books, and a bartender. He has written for the arts and culture site as a reviewer and columnist and for the 33 book series.

Bob was a 2012 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Fiction as well as a 2013 resident at the Saltonstall Arts Colony.

Even though Bob has read a lot of science fiction, he never believed he would be able to write it. He found that there is a high concept element in it, and the stuff he was writing was more along the lines of literary fiction. His first novel came out and his agent told him he should try to write sci-fi, and he played with it for a bit and it wound up becoming this novel.

Books in order of publication:

A Hundred Thousand Worlds(2016)
The Nobody People(2019)
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