Brian Mathew

Brian Frederick MathewMBE, VMH is a British botanist, born in the village of Limpsfield, Surrey, England. His particular area of expertise is bulbous plants, particularly ornamental bulbous plants, although he has contributed to other fields of taxonomy and horticulture.[1] He has authored or co-authored many books on bulbs and bulbous genera which appeal to both botanists and gardeners, as well as specialist monographs on other genera, including Daphne (with Chris Brickell), Lewisia, and Helleborus. His work has been recognized by the British Royal Horticultural Society and the International Bulb Society.

Books in order of publication:

Dwarf Bulbs1973
The Larger Bulbs1978
The Iris1981
Lilies and Other Related Flowers1982
The Crocus: A Revision of the Genus Crocus (Iridaceae)1982
The Bulbous Plants of Turkey1985
Lilies: A Romantic History with a Guide to Cultivation1993
The Complete Book Of Bulbs, Corms, Tubers And Rhizomes1994
The Gardener’s Guide To Bulbs1994
Growing Bulbs: The Complete Practical Guide1997
Bulbs for All Seasons1998
Review of Allium Section Allium2000
Genus Cyclamen: In Science, Cultivation, Art and Culture2013
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