Brigitte Evelyne Granville

Brigitte Evelyne Granville is an economist with dual French and British nationality. She is Professor of International Economics and Economic Policy in the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London, and director of the Centre for Globalisation Research (CGR).

Granville is the author of several economics’ essays; the best known of these, Remembering Inflation (2013) has been widely cited by economists. Granville is known for her work on macroeconomics and public finance and for her comprehensive articles about economics.

She has written articles for Bloomberg News, the Financial Times, Le Monde and other economic press. Granville is a regular columnist of Project Syndicate. Her book What Ails France? was published in April 2021 by McGill-Queen’s University Press, which described this work as “a wide-ranging survey of the political economy of contemporary France”, applying an economist’s vision to research from other disciplines to fuel “a provocative and at times contentious analysis”.

Books in order of publication:

Success of Russian Economic Reforms – 1995

Essays on the world economy and its financial system – 2000

Russia’s post-communist economy  – 2001

The economics of essential medicines. – 2002

Sovereign debt : origins, crises, and restructuring – 2003

Delivering essential medicines – 2004

Remembering inflation – 2013

The processes and practices of fair trade : trust, ethics, and governance – 2013

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