Candace Fleming

I have always been a storyteller. Even before I could write my name, I could tell a good tale. And I told them all the time. As a preschooler, I told my neighbors all about my three-legged cat named Spot. In kindergarten, I told my classmates about the ghost that lived in my attic. And in first grade I told my teacher, Miss Harbart, all about my family’s trip to Paris, France.

I told such a good story that people always thought I was telling the truth. But I wasn’t. I didn’t have a three-legged cat or a ghost in my attic, and I’d certainly never been to Paris, France. I simply enjoyed telling a good story… and seeing my listener’s reaction.

Books in order of publication:

Picture Books

Professor Ferguson Fahrenheit and his Wonderful Weather Machine (1994)

Women of the Lights (1995), illustrated by James Watling

Madame LaGrande and Her So High, to the Sky, Uproarious Pompadour (1996), illustrated by S.D. Schindler

Gabriella’s Song (1997), illustrated by Giselle Potter

Westward Ho, Carlotta! (1997), illustrated by David Catrow

The Hatmaker’s Sign (1998), illustrated by Robert A. Parker

When Agnes Caws (1999), illustrated by Giselle Potter

A Big Cheese for the White House: The True Tale of a Tremendous Cheddar (1999), illustrated by S.D. Schindler

Who Invited You? (2001), illustrated by George Booth

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! (2002), illustrated by G. Brian Karas

Boxes for Katje (2003), illustrated by Stacey Dressen-McQueen

Smile, Lily! (2004), illustrated by Yumi Heo

Gator Gumbo: A Spicy-Hot Tale (2004), illustrated by Sally Anne Lambert

This Is the Baby (2004), illustrated by Maggie Smith

Sunny Boy!: The Life and Times of a Tortoise (2005), illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf


Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Hide! (2007), illustrated by G. Brian Karas

Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Splash! (2014), illustrated by G. Brian Karas

Imogene’s Last Stand (2009), illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

Seven Hungry Babies (2010), illustrated by Eugene Yelchin

Clever Jack Takes the Cake (2010), illustrated by G. Brian Karas

Oh, No! (2012), illustrated by Eric Rohmann

Papa’s Mechanical Fish (2013), illustrated by Boris Kolikov


Bulldozer’s Big Day (2015), illustrated by Eric Rohmann

Bulldozer Helps Out (2017), illustrated by Eric Rohmann

Go Sleep In Your Own Bed! (2017), illustrated by Lori Nichols

Emma’s Circus (2017), illustrated by Christine Davenier

The Amazing Collection of Joey Cornell (2018), illustrated by Gérard DuBois


Aesop Elementary

The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School (2005)

The Fabled Fifth Graders of Aesop Elementary School (2010)

Lowji Discovers America (2005)

On the Day I Died: Stories from the Grave (2010)

History Pals

Ben Franklin’s in My Bathroom! (2017), illustrated by Marc Fearing

Eleanor Roosevelt’s in My Garage! (2018), illustrated by Marc Fearing

Strongheart: Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen (2018), illustrated by Eric Rohmann


Ben Franklin’s Almanac: Being a True Account of the Good Gentleman’s Life (2003)

Our Eleanor: A Scrapbook Look at Eleanor Roosevelt’s Remarkable Life (2005)

The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary (2008)

The Great and Only Barnum: The Tremendous, Stupendous Life of Showman P. T. Barnum (2009)

Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart (2011)

The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia (2014)

Presenting Buffalo Bill: The Man Who Invented the Wild West (2016)

Giant Squid(2016), illustrated by Eric Rohmann


Guys Read True Stories (2014) edited by Jon Scieszka. Contributed “A Jumbo Story” about Jumbo the elephant.

Our Story Begins: your favorite authors and illustrators share fun, inspiring, and occasionally ridiculous things they wrote and drew as kids (2017) edited by Elissa Brent Weissman.

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