Cara Black

Cara Black is a resident of San Francisco. She lives with her husband Jun who is a bookseller and their dog. She is best selling author with USA Today and NY Times. In her writing career she has gained recognition for her works. She is a San Francisco Library Laureate and has been nominated three times for the Anthony award because of her criminal investigation novel series featuring Aimee Leduc. She has also been nominated for the Macavity Award.

Her literally works has earned her recognition in other parts of the world. In France, she was awarded the Médaille de la Ville Paris. This award is given as recognition to people who have made great contribution to the culture across nations. She has also received invitations as a guest of honor in various conferences such as the Left Coast Crime and Paris Polar Crime Festival. Her series have seen more than 400,000 copies printed. The books have been printed in German, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese and Norwegian.

Books in order of publication:

Aimee Leduc Books

Murder in the Marais(1999) 
Murder in Belleville(2000) 
Murder in the Sentier(2002) 
Murder in the Bastille(2003) 
Murder in Clichy(2005) 
Murder in Montmartre(2006) 
Murder on the Ile Saint-louis(2007) 
Murder in the Rue de Paradis(2008) 
Murder in the Latin Quarter(2009) 
Murder in the Palais Royal(2010) 
Murder in Passy(2011) 
Murder at the Lanterne Rouge(2012) 
Murder Below Montparnasse(2013) 
Murder in Pigalle(2014) 
Murder on the Champ de Mars(2015) 
Murder on the Quai(2016) 
Murder in Saint Germain(2017) 
Murder on the Left Bank(2018) 
Murder in Bel Air(2019) 

Chronological Order of Aimee Leduc Books

Murder on the Quai is a prequel to the Aimee Leduc series

Standalone Novels

Three Hours in Paris(2020) 

Short Story Collections

The Usual Santas(2017)
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