Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher is a well renowned author, teacher, and archeologist. She was born in 1957 and lives in Newport, Gwent. Her origin is also Wales and aside from writing books, she also a poet. So far, she has written nineteen novels, all of which have been translated into seventeen different languages. Many of her works are award winning and they have been shortlisted for literary awards.

Books in order of publication:

The Snow-Walker Books

The Snow-Walker’s Son(1993) 
The Empty Hand(1995) 
The Soul Thieves(1996) 
Belin’s Hill(1997) 

The Crow Books

The Relic Master/The Dark City(1998) 
Interrex/The Lost Heiress(1999) 
Flain’s Coronet/The Hidden Coronet(2000) 
The Margrave(2001) 

Oracle Prophecies Books

The Oracle/The Oracle Betrayed(2003) 
The Archon/The Sphere of Secrets(2003) 
The Scarab/Day of the Scarab(2005)

Incarceron Books


Island Of The Mighty Books

The Cat with Iron Claws(2012)

Chronoptika Quartet Books

Obsidian Mirror(2012) 
The Box of Red Brocade/The Slanted Worlds(2013) 
The Door in the Moon(2015) 
The Speed of Darkness(2016) 

Clockwork Crow Books

The Clockwork Crow(2018) 
The Velvet Fox(2019) 
The Midnight Swan(2020)

Standalone Novels        

The Conjuror’s Game(1990)
Fintan’s Tower(1991)
Saint Tarvel’s Bell(1992)
The Candle Man(1994)
The Lammas Field(1999)
The Glass Tower(2004)
Circle of Stones/Crown of Acorns(2010)

Short Stories/Novellas

The Pickpocket’s Ghost(2008) 
Magic Thief(2010) 
The Ghost Box(2011) 
At the World’s End(2015) 
The Crystal Stair(2016) 

Short Story Collections

The Hare and Other Stories(1994) 
The Unexplored Ocean(1995) 
Magical Mystery Stories(1999) 
Altered States(2000) 
The Bramble King(2019) 
The Red Gloves and Other Stories(2021)
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