Charles F. Pfeifer

CHARLES F. PFEIFFER (Moody Bible Institute; B.A., Temple University; B.D., Reformed Episcopal Theological Seminary; Th.M., Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Dropsie College) was professor of ancient literatures at Central Michigan University. He also studied at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute and New York University. He served on the faculties of Gordon Divinity School, King’s College, Lancaster School of the Bible, and Moody Bible Institute. Dr. Pfeiffer, as author, co-author, or editor, participated in the production of many works including Hebrews for the Everyman’s Bible Commentary Series, The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, and The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia.

Books in order of publication:

exile and return1932
Between the Testaments1959
Baker’s Bible Atlas1961
Wycliffe Bible Commentary1962
Epistle to the Hebrews1962
Tell El Amarna and the Bible1963
Egypt and Exodus1964
The Patriarchal Age1965
The Biblical World: A Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology1966
Jerusalem Through the Ages1967
The Wycliffe Historical Geography of Bible Lands1967
The Divided Kingdom1967
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible1969
The United Kingdom1970
The Arab Israeli Struggle1972
New Combined Bible Dictionary and Concordance1973
Old Testament History1973
Bible Atlas: Emphasis on Geography Follows the Scriptural Narrative from Genesis Thru Revelation1975
Ras Shamra and the Bible (Baker Studies in Biblical Archaeology)1976
The Human Side of the Saints1976
Book of Genesis1976
Book of Leviticus: A Study Manual1976
Wycliffe Bible Dictionary1988
The Combined Bible Dictionary & Concordance1990
Wycliffe Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology2000
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