Charles Todd

Charles Todd is a name that represents two authors. The two writers, Caroline, and her son Charles Todd, write novels on crime. Their stories mainly revolve around the issue of the World War One. They live on along the eastern coast of America. Interestingly though, their books are set in Britain.

Charles is middle aged while his mother is a little advanced in age, but she carries herself with such grace. Like Agatha Christie and her famous character Hercule Poirot, the Charles Todd team has also written a series of novels with a key character Ian Rutledge.

Ian Rutledge is an inspector who survived the war and comes back home to continue with a normal like as a police inspector. The other novels under their name are the Bess Crawford series and two separate novels. The novels are creatively woven with themes and stories that resonate well with most readers.

Books in order of publication:

Inspector Ian Rutledge Books

A Test Of Wills(1994) 
Wings of Fire(1998) 
Search the Dark(1999) 
Legacy of the Dead(2000) 
Watchers of Time(2001) 
A Fearsome Doubt(2002) 
A Cold Treachery(2005) 
A Long Shadow(2006) 
A False Mirror(2007) 
A Pale Horse(2007) 
A Matter of Justice(2008) 
The Red Door(2009) 
The Kidnapping(2010) 
A Lonely Death(2011) 
The Confession(2011) 
Proof of Guilt(2013) 
Cold Comfort(2013) 
Hunting Shadows(2014) 
A Fine Summer’s Day(2015) 
No Shred of Evidence(2016) 
Racing the Devil(2017) 
The Piper(2017) 
The Gatekeeper(2018) 
The Black Ascot(2019) 
A Divided Loyalty(2020) 
A Fatal Lie(2021) 

Bess Crawford Books

A Duty to the Dead(2009) 
An Impartial Witness(2010) 
A Bitter Truth(2011) 
An Unmarked Grave(2012) 
A Question of Honor(2013) 
An Unwilling Accomplice(2014) 
The Maharani’s Pearls(2014) 
A Pattern of Lies(2015) 
The Shattered Tree(2016) 
A Casualty of War(2017) 
A Forgotten Place(2018) 
A Cruel Deception(2019) 
A Hanging at Dawn(2020) 

Bibliomysteries Books

The Pretty Little Box(2018)

Standalone Novels

The Murder Stone(2003) 

Short Stories/Novellas

The Walnut Tree(2012)

Short Story Collections



Mystery Writers of America Presents Death Do Us Part: New Stories About Love, Lust, and Murder(2006) 
A Study in Sherlock(2011) 
Death Knell V(2016) 
Silent Night, Deadly Night(2016) 
Odd Partners(2019
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