Chris Goodall

Christopher Frank William Goodall (born 29 December 1955) is an English businessman, author, and expert on new energy technologies. He is an alumnus of St Dunstan’s College, University of Cambridge, and Harvard Business School (MBA).

He lives in Oxford with his wife, Professor Charlotte Brewer, and has three children.

Books in order of publication:

 How to Live a Low-Carbon Life (2007, Earthscan,

 Ten Technologies to Save the Planet (2008, Profile Books,)

 The Green Guide For Business (2010, Profile Books,)

 Sustainability: All That Matters (2012, Hodder & Stoughton/Hachette,)

 The Switch (2016, Profile Books,)

 What We Need To Do Now: For a Zero Carbon Future (2020, Profile Books,)

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