Christian Jacq

Christian Jacq (French: [ʒak]; born April 28, 1947) is a French author and Egyptologist. He has written several novels about ancient Egypt, notably a five book series about pharaoh Ramses II, a character whom Jacq admires greatly

Books published in order by series:

The Ramses Series

The story of the greatest Pharaoh in history

  1. The Son of Light (1995)
  2. The Temple of a Million Years Formerly published as The Eternal Temple (1995)
  3. The Battle of Kadesh (1996)
  4. The Lady of Abu Simbel (1996)
  5. Under the Western Acacia (1997)

The Stone of Light Series

The craftsman’s village at Deir al-Madinah is one of the few places in the ancient world where life has been vividly preserved. Jacq uses real names, characters and scandals to reconstruct life in this extraordinary place.

  1. Nefer the Silent
  2. The Wise Woman
  3. Paneb the Ardent
  4. The Place of Truth

The Queen of Freedom Trilogy

The tale of Queen Ahhotep, Egypt’s “Joan of Arc” and her crusade to liberate her nation from the Hyksos oppressors

  1. The Empire of Darkness
  2. War of the Crowns
  3. The Flaming Sword

The Judge of Egypt Trilogy

In the Age of Ramses, Egypt’s power is unchallenged. However, a dark conspiracy seeks to strike at the Pharaoh … only an idealistic judge and a young doctor stand between Egypt and oblivion.

  1. Beneath the Pyramid
  2. Secrets of the Desert
  3. Shadow of the Sphinx

The Mysteries of Osiris Series

  1. The Tree of Life
  2. The Conspiracy of Evil
  3. The Way of Fire
  4. The Great Secret

The Vengeance of the Gods Series

  1. Manhunt
  2. The Divine Worshipper

The Mozart Series

  1. The Great Magician
  2. The Son of Enlightenment
  3. The Brother of Fire
  4. The Beloved of Isis

Other books

  • Egyptian Magic (non-fiction 1985)
  • The Black Pharaoh
  • The Tutankhamun Affair
  • For the Love of Philae
  • Champollion the Egyptian
  • Master Hiram and King Solomon
  • The Living Wisdom of Ancient Egypt (non-fiction)
  • Fascinating Hieroglyphics (non-fiction 1997)
  • Magic and Mystery in Ancient Egypt (non-fiction 1998)
  • The Wisdom of Ptah Hotep (non-fiction 2006)
  • Tutankhamun: The Last Secret (February 2009)
  • The Judgement of the Mummy (2009)
  • Egypt (non fiction 2009)
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