Christina Henry

Christina Henry is an author who is mostly recognized for her Black Wings Series, which are best-selling novels under the genre of urban fantasy.

An avid reader, Christina lives with her husband s well as son in Chicago. She enjoys novels and books of similar categories, including zombies and samurai. She is also very keen on long distance running, which is an activity she enjoys on a regular basis, when not writing up her many novels, of course!

Black Wings Books

Black Wings(2010) 
Black Night(2011) 
Black Howl(2012) 
Black Lament(2012) 
Black City(2013) 
Black Heart(2013) 
Black Spring(2014) 

The Chronicles of Alice Books

Red Queen(2016) 
Looking Glass(2020) 

Standalone Novels

Lost Boy(2017) 
The Mermaid(2018) 
The Girl in Red(2019) 
The Ghost Tree(2020) 
Near the Bone(2021) 
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