Christopher Fowler

Christopher Fowler is popularly known for dark urban fiction. He has developed a writing niche in crime novel writing, having understood the anatomy of the underworld of the various gangs in London city. Born in 1953, he was passionate about the crime fiction in the city of London.

Christopher Fowler writes short stories, novels, reviews, scripts, and press articles. The works of Christopher Fowler are characterized by black comedy and anxiety. In addition to that, they are characterized by social satire. His novels depict shadows that have mystifying figures. He prefers developing plot and settings from events he is quite familiar with.

Books in order of publication:

Bryant & May: Peculiar Crimes Unit Books

Full Dark House(2003) 
The Water Room(2004) 
Seventy-Seven Clocks(2005) 
Ten Second Staircase(2006) 
White Corridor(2007) 
The Victoria Vanishes(2008) 
Bryant & May on the Loose(2009) 
Off the Rails(2010) 
The Memory of Blood(2011) 
The Invisible Code(2012) 
The Bleeding Heart(2014) 
The Secret Santa(2015) 
The Burning Man(2015) 
Strange Tide(2016) 
Wild Chamber(2017) 
Hall of Mirrors(2018) 
The Lonely Hour(2019) 
England’s Finest(2019) 
Oranges and Lemons(2020) 

Bryant & May Collections

London’s Glory(2015) 
England’s Finest(2019) 

Bryant & May Graphic Novels

The Casebook of Bryant & May: The Soho Devil(2012)

Hellion Books

The Curse of Snakes(2010)

Standalone Novels

Red Bride(1992) 
Darkest Day(1993) 
Soho Black(1998) 
Hell Train(2011) 
The Sand Men(2015) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Reconciliation Day(2016)

Short Story Collections

The Bureau of Lost Souls(1984) 
City Jitters(1986) 
More City Jitters(1988) 
Flesh Wounds(1989) 
Sharper Knives(1992) 
Personal Demons(1998) 
The Devil in Me(2001) 
Old Devil Moon(2008) 
Red Gloves(2011) 
Red Gloves Volume I & II(2011) 

Graphic Novels

Menz Insana(1997)

Non-Fiction Books

How to Impersonate Famous People(1985) 
Ultimate Party Book(1985) 
Invisible Ink(2012) 
Film Freak(2013) 
The Book of Forgotten Authors(2017)
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