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Christopher L. Bennett, who is domiciled in Cincinnati upon Ohio, is a notable American penman. For his O levels, Bennett schooled at the Cincinnati-based Walnut Hills High School. Then Bennett enrolled at the University of Cincinnati wherein he pursued history and physics, prompted by books authored doubled up as physicists. Some of the authors and physicists that influenced Bennett include Americans scribblers Glen David Brin, Robert Lull Forward, Gregory Benford, and Hal Clement, and Indian Naren Shankar among many others.

According to Christopher L. Bennett, the two disciplines—physics and history—augurs well for his writing occupation. In the context of writing science fiction, on the one hand, science helps him understand nature while, on the other hand, history helps him get a good grasp on various societal aspects such as evolving and interaction.

Christopher L. Bennett’s bibliography comprises of series of books notably relating to media tie-ins, short stories, a standalone book, and novelettes. Bennett, whose niche is particularly science fiction, has written for Marvel Comics and contributed to the Star Trek series too. His works has been published in various publications among them the science fiction-oriented Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

Christopher L. Bennett: Inspiration and Formative Years of Writing
On matters writing, the inspiration gnawed at Christopher L. Bennett’s when he was merely aged five, thanks to a Star Trek episode that he chanced upon. The episode instilled in Bennett a love for both space travel and science fiction. Even during his schooling years at Walnut Hills High School, Bennett actively engaged in writing activities. By and by, Bennett started envisioning a possible writing career that, luckily for the voracious man of letters, has been successful.

However, it was not until 1991 when he became a professional writer and started earning money from his writing endeavors in the late 1990s. Christopher L Bennett, who is a bibliophile with a preference for science fiction books especially those with superheroes, initially penned me-too versions of the Star Trek series before it segued into crafting his own unique universe.

Section on Books
Ostensibly, among the most notable works penned by Christopher L. Bennett are several series revolving around the Star Trek, and which were written between 2004 and 2016. Among the first Star Trek-based books — they are novelizations– authored by Bennett is a book contained in the Star Trek: The Original Series. Incidentally, this series of books has 113 main works and, in total, 166 works including e-books and books not numbered. The books contained therein have been written by many other authors among them American authors Gene Roddenberry, Vonda N. McIntyre, Robert Edward Vardeman, and Howard Weinstein.

Christopher L. Bennett’s first book in the said series has more than ten editions. However, the first edition was initially published in 2004, titled Ex Machina; and that book is shelved under the media tie in, science fiction, fiction, and adventure genres. James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy are the featured protagonists in the Bennett’s book Ex Machina penned by Christopher L. Bennett.

Meet main characters James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy. On the one hand, Kirk’s birthplace is Iowa and birthday is March 2233. Kirk, whose full name is James Tiberius Kirk, is a fictitious human species in high-profile positions in the famed Star Trek; his ranks includes that of a commander, admiral, and captain, and is dispatched in either the roles of a commanding officer or executive officer. Kirk is loyal to a military organization, called Starfleet, which is affiliated to an interstellar union named United Federation of Planets.

On the other hand, McCoy’s birthplace is Georgia and birthday is January 2227. Just like Kirk, McCoy is associated with Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. Kirk, whose ranks are those of a lieutenant (commander) and admiral, is dispatched as a chief medical officer.

In Christopher L. Bennett’s first novelized book in the Star Trek series, Ex Machina, the turning point is a melee in a newly occupied world in virtue of extremist atheists, fanatical religiosity, and peace-loving faith practitioners. Kirk and McCoy are sent into that world to quell the ideological conflict in a situation whereby their decisions might bring about consequences, in a book whose film version clinched the Academy Award, in the Best Visual Effects category.

Christopher L. Bennett Books into Films
Rather than being film adaptations, Christopher L. Bennett’s books are novelizations of the films in the Star Trek series. What’s more, they are not the original creations of author Bennett and, consequently, render it unnecessarily to revisit them.

Best Christopher L. Bennett Books
The following are the best books penned by Christopher L. Bennett. The first one is called Orion’s Hounds which is the third book in the Star Trek: Titan series. Prompted by a distress call from aliens, the telepathic crew members aboard USS Titan divert the starship to go to their rescue. Unfortunately, their rescue attempts to cushion those in distress against the victimization gives the victims the upper hand in a situation whereby the crew belatedly realize that they made decisions after looking at things on face value.

The second one is called Over a Torrent Sea which is the fifth book in the Star Trek: Titan series. Explorers of a watery planet face up to life-altering incidents amid other interstellar constraints wherein their trustworthiness to the native aliens and forsaking their beloved things are the key to their survival. The third one is called Watching the Clock which is the first book in the Department of Temporal Investigations sub-series of the Star Trek series. Hereby, interstellar agents are mandated to nip temporal invasions in the bud by streamlining the time stream.

Other Book Series You May Like
Readers who liked the novelizations and other works of Christopher L. Bennett also liked the following series of books. The first is called Errand of Vengeance, a sub-series of the Star Trek series penned by Kevin Ryan. It revolves around the United Federation of Planets and a hostile interstellar organization called Klingon Empire.

The second is called Rihannsu, a non-canonical sub-series of the Star Trek series authored by Diane Duane alongside Peter Morwood. This quintet is all about an agent initially loyal to the government before instigating a rebellion against the establishment for perceived betrayal. The third is titled Crucible, a sub-series of the Star Trek series penned by David R. George III. It revisits the spur-of-the-moment decisions made by Star Trek characters Spock, McCoy, and Kirk that change their lives and displaces their time stream considerably.

Books in order of publication:

Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations Books

The Collectors(2014) 
Time Lock(2016) 
Shield of the Gods(2017) 

Hub Books

Hub Space(2015) 
Crimes of the Hub(2019) 

Standalone Novel

Only Superhuman(2012)


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