CJ Daugherty

CJ Daugherty was born in the month of October, in Dallas, Texas. She was a former crime reporter, a journalist and currently a full-time novelist. She is also a lover of coffee, red wine and cats. She is best known for her work, The Night School, a series of four completed books. She has also written many travel books. CJ Daugherty started her writing career as a novelist, in 2010.

The Night School is her first series, a young adult romantic thriller, and it has been translated into twenty-two languages till date. It was published by a company called Little Brown, in 2012. The author’s hometown is situated in the south of England, from where she writes her best seller books. While working as a journalist, she wrote for papers like Reuters, Time Out, and Dallas Morning News. CJ Daugherty is married to Jack Jewers, a filmmaker and has two children with him. She hates flying, night clubs, traffic jams and leaf blowers.

Books in order of publication:

Night School Books

Night School(2012) 

Alchemist Chronicles Books

The Secret Fire(2015) 
The Secret City(2016) 

Number 10 Series

Number 10 – Book 1 – 2019

Code Name Firefly – Book 2 – 2021

Non-Fiction Books

Frommer’s Ireland 2006(2005) 
Frommer’s Paris Day by Day(2006) 
Frommer’s Ireland 2007(2007) 
Frommer’s Ireland 2008(2007) 
Frommer’s Ireland 2009(2008) 
Frommer’s Ireland 2010(2009) 
Frommer’s Ireland Day by Day(2010) 
Frommer’s Ireland 2011(2011) 
Frommer’s Ireland 2012(2011)
Frommer’s Best Day Trips from London(2012)
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