Clifford D. Simak

An American newspaperman for the majority of his life, Clifford D. Simak was also an extremely well regarded author as well. Mostly focusing on the fantasy and science-fiction genres, he was able to entertain and engage his many readers worldwide, something which he continues to do to this day.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

Cosmic Engineers(1950) 
Time and Again(1951) 
Ring Around the Sun(1952) 
Time is the Simplest Thing(1961) 
Trouble with Tycho(1961) 
They Walked Like Men(1962) 
Way Station(1963) 
All Flesh is Grass(1965) 
The Werewolf Principle(1967) 
Why Call Them Back from Heaven?(1967) 
The Goblin Reservation(1968) 
So Bright the Vision(1968) 
Out of Their Minds(1969) 
Prehistoric Man(1971) 
Destiny Doll(1972) 
A Choice of Gods(1972) 
Cemetery World(1973) 
Our Children’s Children(1974) 
The Enchanted Pilgrimage(1975) 
Shakespeare’s Planet(1976) 
A Heritage of Stars(1977) 
The Fellowship of the Talisman(1978) 
The Visitors(1980) 
Project Pope(1981) 
Special Deliverance(1982) 
Where the Evil Dwells(1982) 
Highway of Eternity(1986) 

Publication Order of Collections

The Creator(1946) 
Strangers in the Universe(1956) 
The Worlds of Clifford Simak(1960) 
Other Worlds of Clifford Simak(1962) 
All the Traps of Earth(1963) 
Night of the Puudly(1964) 
Worlds Without End(1964) 
Best Science Fiction Stories of Clifford D. Simak(1967) 
Trilogy of the Future(1972) 
Marathon Photograph(1986) 
The Autumn Land(1990) 
The Immigrant(1991) 
Over the River and Through the Woods(1996) 
The Civilisation Game(1997) 
Hellhounds of the Cosmos and Other Tales from the Fourth Dimension(2011) 
I Am Crying All Inside and Other Stories(2015) 
The Big Front Yard and Other Stories(2015) 
The Ghost of a Model T and Other Stories(2015) 
Grotto of the Dancing Deer and Other Stories(2016) 
No Life of Their Own and Other Stories(2016) 
New Folks’ Home and Other Stories(2016) 
A Death in the House and Other Stories(2016) 
Good Night, Mr. James and Other Stories(2016) 
Earth for Inspiration and Other Stories(2016) 
The Shipshape Miracle and Other Stories(2017)
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